Some New Eternity Clock Info From The Doctor

Okay, I’ll admit something before we move into the news. I know absolutely nothing about Doctor Who and I know almost nothing about this game. I avoid anything with The Doctor’s branding on it. I’m a total Doctor Who ignoramus and I might get a lot of the following slightly wrong. Blame Tuffcub, he does know a bit about Doctor Who but he’s too busy making pretty pictures for the homepage so he sent this over to me. I’ll do my best.

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock is due out next month for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita with the PS3 version out just before the Vita one. The PC version will be along a little later, apparently so Sony are getting the jump on other platforms with this action/puzzling platformer.


It takes place across four different time periods in London – Elizabethan, Victorian, Present Day and Future. Is that new? I don’t know, it sounds cool though. Doctor Who and something called a “River Song” are fully voice acted and motion captured using their real-life actors and you’ll have to guide them, in a cooperative fashion, through logic puzzles and mini games. The PS3 and Vita versions make use of the nifty cross platform play features too.

Apparently, River has hallucinogenic lipstick that will be useful for stealthy progression? Sounds a bit kinky to me but probably makes perfect sense to fans of the show. It’s got Cybermen in it, and the Bank of England. Apparently there are new creatures too though. I hope you get to push a Dalek down some stairs at some point.

Simon Harris, of the BBC, has spoken to SFX and given them the following details on the story:

The story starts with the Doctor on his own in the TARDIS. It gets thrown into confusion because of this massive time maelstrom, and he has absolutely no idea what’s causing it. When the TARDIS lands he realises this time maelstrom is encompassing the whole planet, and then he walks to the TARDIS and the TARDIS disappears into a time rift. There are time rifts opening everywhere, so he starts working out where they’re going to and what’s happening there. Eventually he finds a piece of this artefact, the Eternity Clock, which he realises is sending out a signal and then he and River start to figure out what it’s doing

The game is part of a planned trilogy and, after ploughing my way through this info like an octopus in a bath tub full of honey, I’m a little bit interested in seeing how this first part of the trilogy turns out. Does this sound cool for those of you who are big fans of the TV show?

Source: SFX



  1. As a massive Whovian I’ll have to give it a go. Not 100% looking forward to it though. I hope it works better than the last set of PC games.

  2. yeah im intrested in giving it a go,has the potential to be brilliant.

  3. Im giving this a blast. I too am a novice in the way of the good Doctor, but everyone rants and raves about it like its the second coming of christ so maybe this will finally be my entry point into the TV series.

    • How dare you compare Christ to the Doctor! Christ is fiction! :)

  4. Can. Not. Wait.

  5. Firstly, props to the author considering he’s never been into Who in any capacity, only real gripe with this article is River Song is a woman, so “something called a River Song” reads a bit weird. Second, had the chance to play the PS3 version of this at the Doctor Who convention and it is bloody brilliant. Still a lot of bugs, me and the guy I played co-op with found plenty, so guys have a lot of fixing up to do before release, but the game itself is fantastic, one for even the most hardcore gamer to look out for and play.

    • I knew she was a woman really, but only because of the thing with her lipstick! I was just playing up a bit for that bit, trying to be funny :-/

      • Don’t worry, I found it funny :)

  6. *facepalm*

    • Yup.

    • shush. It’s your fault, I should never have been let near this!

  7. Hope it’s buy one, get one free even though the Vita version don’t come at the same time as the ps3 version.

  8. Anyway.. Who’s on third? I always thought Who was on first!

    • No he’s normally on third. After the News, then the weather…

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