Fight Ryu and Akuma in Asura’s Wrath DLC

Ryu and Akuma will be coming to brawler Asura’s Wrath, Capcom have confirmed.

The new video released gives a rundown of all the planned DLC for the title over the next few months, which will culminate in the aforementioned Street Fighter DLC.


The first batch of DLC arrives on Xbox Live and PSN tomorrow in the form of episode 11.5 which Capcom has said will give “insight into what happens between two episodes from the full game.” On April 4th episode 15.5 will arrive and both pieces of DLC are said to take their inspiration from anime.

Capcom are also releasing a post-game content bundle of four new episodes on April 25th for 560 MS points and £5.49 on PSN.

The last of the Asura’s Wrath DLC will hit in May, which will allow players to take on Street Fighter’s Ryu and Akuma in ludicrously over the top battles, complete with 2D fighter section. Both DLC packs will cost 160 MS points/£1.59 on PSN with Ryu arriving on 9th May and Akuma on 16th May.

Source: Capcom Europe



  1. Would love to see him face off against Krato’s.

  2. Asura is coming to my games collection after pay day hopefully :)

  3. That is ace

  4. Looks really cool and I think it’s priced pretty well too.

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