WeView: Asura’s Wrath

I’m sure you’ll all be terribly sad, but this is the last WeView for the year. I know, how will you live? Don’t worry, we’ve got lots of great content coming in the next few weeks and we’re all busily scurrying away behind the scenes to pull it all together.

You may also be thinking that the 11th is a little early to call a close to WeView for the year but a quick check of my calendar informs me that if we ran a WeView next week the verdict would have to be on Christmas Eve. Now, as I intend to be either asleep or travelling (or both) on Christmas Eve, posting a Verdict doesn’t really fit. It’s also not all that festive, unless I could pick a game about Santa.

Anyway, onto this week’s game. As usual Polldaddy has counted all of your votes and spit out your top pick. This week it’s the turn of Asura’s Wrath, a game that I only hear described in terms of how absolutely insane it is. With gigantic battles, non-stop action and a heavy focus on cutscenes, as well as the way it draws heavily from anime and its tropes, the reasons behind its reputation for craziness quickly become clear.

[drop2]It was Blair who tried to pick his way through the sheer insanity of the game and review it. Somehow he got his head around the game, and awarded it a 7/10.

He picked out the game’s distinctive structure as a positive, with nothing else really following the cutscene focused style of the game or the way it follows a stereotypical anime story to the extent that it breaks itself into episodes. To be clear, the game isn’t an episodic release, it merely breaks itself into TV style episodes internally.

He was also a fan of the absolutely huge battles the game features, and enemies that are quite literally bigger than the Earth. I mean can you really ask more than that in terms of a game’s scale?

Of course the way the game focuses on cutscenes and quick time events does come with a few drawbacks. Firstly there’s the fact that there’s not really any replayibility in the game, once you’ve finished it then it’s done. The lack of anything to collect or explore is really a bit of a drawback, although Asura’s Wrath isn’t that style of game. Blair also pointed out that if you’re not a fan of quick time events then the game really isn’t for you, and doesn’t have much else to offer.

If you’d like a more details overview of Blair’s thoughts on the game then here’s how he wrapped up his review:

Asura’s Wrath could have been very disappointing – in fact, in some ways it is. There isn’t any exploring, anything to collect or any upgrades and it’s all very scripted and beyond linear. Those are things we’d expect from a normal game though, and Asura’s Wrath shows that it’s anything but that. To put it simply, Wrath will leave you in awe with the incredible enormity of it all. It’s a good story with a brilliant setting, and everything is in working order.

It’s by no means a brilliant game, but it is a good piece of interactive fiction and a new approach, which we’ll happily welcome with open arms. Six of them.

So, for the last time this year, it’s time to ask you what you thought of the game. Did you love it or hate it? Are quick time events your cup of tea, or can you simply not stand them? Did the game’s anime sensibilities work for you, or did they leave you incredibly bored?

If you feel like sharing your experiences with the game then all you need to do is drop a comment below by Sunday afternoon, and attach a rating to the game on the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It, Avoid It scale.



  1. Objectively, Asura’s Wrath is a 7/10 ‘game’ and I don’t have any doubts about that.

    But… I absolutely adore it. It’s one of the best things I’ve played all year though it’s easy to see why this won’t be the same for a lot of people. There’s a lot holding it back, including the lack of replayibility, the linearity the abundance of QTEs that I mentioned in my initial review.

    Retrospectively though, it’s an adventure I won’t forget – it’s one of the biggest and most epic things ever but that won’t please everyone. Perhaps if they had taken a weekly, episodic approach to the ‘game’ I would’ve praised its innovation and loved it even more.

    So, all in all, it’s a great adventure, but it doesn’t really work as a game in its current form, if that makes sense.

    Nonetheless, you should go ahead and Buy It.

    • It absoloutely agree with this. I’m sure Peter huffed loudly when I sent Asura’s Wrath as my nom as game of the year.

      As Blair says, it’s not really a game, it is more of an interactive movie. You watch a hell of a lot of cut scenes and then play for perhaps five minutes at most before another ten minutes of cut scenes.

      But what cut scenes they are! Wonderful, unique artwork, fantastic sound (all very ‘Akira’) and possibly the best story to grace consoles in many years. It has some nice twists and is utterly, utterly bonkers.

      As a game, 6/10. As entertainment, 10/10 and then some.

      It took me ages to track the game down, found stock on Zavii in the end. Honestly dont go in expecting God Of War, go in expecting Battle Of The Planets, Ulysses 31, Jase & The Wheeled Warriors, Akira and the like and you will have an absoloute blast.

      One of the very few games I bothered completeing this year and you should too. Buy it.

      You’re still reading this. I said go and buy it.


      • Oh and can I just say just when Asura’s RAAAAAARRRR IIII AMMMM PERMANNTLY ANGRY schtick is getting to Kratos levels annoyance he vanishes from the plot for a few chapters and you play as someone else.

        I literally doffed my hat to the screen at the point, perfectly judged by the developers.

      • We should have an “interactive entertainment of the year” too, this would win by far.

      • Absoloutely.

      • Its approach is similar to that of Heavy Rains. An interactive movie with game elements, but still a great ‘game’ none the less.

  2. .. and apparently we’re the only two people to ever play it.

    • I have been interested in it for a while, but i keep getting put off by the “there’s not much game to it” sort of comments.

      I love the look of it & really want to give it a go, but i am actually not sure how i would fare with it. I have gaming time & i have TV time & this seems to be a bizarre concoction of the two & i am not sure how that would fare tbh.

      It has been recommended to me though & if i find myself in a job in the new year & find a copy cheap enough (around a tenner), i may finally give it a go.

      • Yeah this sums up my thoughts pretty well too.
        Will get around to trying it eventually :)

  3. I rented this game a while back and although I never finished it, I really want to pick it up some time in the future. It’s so different from anything else on the market and for an anime/manga fan such as myself, it’s basically the perfect game for me :D

    Would whole heartedly say Buy It!

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