Game Of Thrones Plot Trailer Released

A plot trailer for the upcoming Game Of Thrones RPG has been released and it looks to be full of murder, executions and greed. Basically, some of the things that has made Game Of Thrones so popular.


The Game Of Thrones RPG is starting to look like it could be pretty good and looks to stay true to the atmosphere of The Song Of Ice & Fire series.

The Game Of Thrones RPG will release on PS3, Xbox 360 & PC on May 25th.

Source: Youtube



  1. Hmmm.
    Night’s Watch featured heavily… this is a very good thing. I wonder if they’ll keep the plot within the spoiler zone for the TV show or if they’ll allow it to expand as far as the books have taken it? Some risk of very heavy spoilers for people who are only watching the TV series…

  2. *head explodes in excitement*

  3. The game looks awful, thats trailer didn’t sell it to me

  4. Ok, so TV series, books and board games pretty much created the most realised fantasy world since middle earth….but this (even with George spending valuable writing time assisting) looks very ‘Littlefinger’ (ie ‘Dodgy’). Riverspring? That’s like aiming for Riverrun but knowing you’re never gonna get there…pfft.

  5. MMM the more I see of this the more underwhelmed I am. In particular the voice acting seems forced

  6. Really like the look of this, I have never read the books or watched the TV series but seeing these continual trailers makes me want to.

    • The TV series is definitely worth the watch. Can’t comment on the books though.

    • TV series is definitely worthy of your time. The books are a great read aswell, provided you have the time to read them. They’re massive, both literally and figuretivly

  7. Have to say that trailer just turned me of the game completely, the graphics make it look like a ps2 game and the voice acting was terrible.

  8. Don’t think this will take me away from Skyrim.

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