PlayStation 4 Rumoured, Codename “Orbis”

Kotaku has taken a moment out from its usual stream of semi-titillating photos of cosplayers, Japanese niche cultural trends and fashion advice to leak some information about the next generation of PlayStation hardware.

The information comes from an unnamed source so we’ll just lay it out here and let you decide how much you trust the source Kotaku clearly does.

It will be called “Orbis”, at least as a working title. This is backed up by the SCE subdomain being a thing. This is the portal that developers use to access resources for development. and both work, as does the PS3 equivalent but the PS4 version of that address goes nowhere.

It has an AMD x64 CPU and an AMD Southern Islands GPU making it roughly as powerful as some of the high end gaming PCs due out this year. AMD CPU is something that has been rumoured before and given the company’s possible involvement there, also supplying a GPU isn’t too much of a stretch.

Orbis will be out next year. Apparently it’s due in the holiday season of 2013. No word on whether this is worldwide or just in the US and Japan, as with the PlayStation 3’s 2006 launch. It won’t be backward compatible with PS3 games though, so you’ll have to clear some extra space under the TV because you’re going to want to keep your PS3 around.

There are some extremely disturbing rumours that there will be a restrictive DRM system in place which requires you to lock a newly purchased game (Blu-ray) to your PSN account, which will allow you to copy the whole thing to your hard disk but will also render any subsequent trade in practically useless. The idea seems to be that pre-owned purchasers will basically get a gimped version of the game like a trial which prompts them to pay a further fee to unlock the full thing.

There’s also warning that playing offline will not be an option to circumvent this DRM. Like some heavily criticised PC games recently, there could be plans to require a PSN connection before a game disc will work at all. Can’t see that being any sort of issue given the PSN’s history of maintenance, launch day server woes and periods of downtime…

As always, whether you choose to trust these rumours is up to you, nothing is certain until Sony takes to a stage somewhere and announces it. It’s interesting to speculate though, how believable do you think this batch of rumours is?

Source: Kotaku



  1. If that happens and the rumors about values steam consol are true then it could take over the consol market

  2. All sounds good to me as I don’t buy pre-owned and don’t trade in. As for the DRM it doesn’t bother me really, though hopefully it’s just a one-time connection you have to make to validate a new game, rather than constant online access. As others have pointed out, PSN isn’t brilliantly reliable.

  3. As for downloading games to your HDD, without at least 1TB locally I wouldn’t bother.

    • And then some, it’s remarkable how fast a 320gb machine fills up so I’d want more space than that.

  4. Ps4 will be awesome. Rumors are to be treated as such. I hope Sony learn from their previous mistakes ^_^

  5. This all sounds too much like a roundup of already excisting rumours for me to belive at this point.

  6. There is no way this is true.. the vita just came out and to bring out another console in a year is crazy. The ps3 still has way more to offer and they can still milk the sales. The odds are the ps4 will be something stupid like £600 on release date, which renders it almost impossible to buy straight away for most people.
    I think the earliest the ps4 will arrive is 2014+ delays.

    • they will go no where near 600 again it will be 350 max & out next year when MS release there one imo

    • 600, but this is new tech! Ought to be 800 at least.

      • 800? Then that would make my decision right there. No sale. If these rumours turned out to be true, I doubt it’s be more that 350 and probably less than 300.

  7. If these rumours turn out to be true, the PS4 sounds like a pile of w**k. Not backwards compatible is a no go for me, not being able to play offline is a load of crap, and that disc locking out thing sounds like shite. I doubt I’d buy a PS4 if they’re true.

  8. I didn’t like the bit about all of it.

  9. oh dear, if true, as some people have said before i would be looking to switch to another brand, xbox/onlive. Big fan of sony consoles too, if the DRM thing turns out to be correct then at least i can cancel my lovefilm subscription and then only buy about 2 games a year to support the industry

  10. infact if i think about it the DRM wouldnt be so bad, on the condition that new games are slashed in price so they become much cheaper. they could mabay make up the loss in revenue per unit by selling loads

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