PlayStation 4 Rumoured, Codename “Orbis”

Kotaku has taken a moment out from its usual stream of semi-titillating photos of cosplayers, Japanese niche cultural trends and fashion advice to leak some information about the next generation of PlayStation hardware.

The information comes from an unnamed source so we’ll just lay it out here and let you decide how much you trust the source Kotaku clearly does.

It will be called “Orbis”, at least as a working title. This is backed up by the SCE subdomain being a thing. This is the portal that developers use to access resources for development. and both work, as does the PS3 equivalent but the PS4 version of that address goes nowhere.

It has an AMD x64 CPU and an AMD Southern Islands GPU making it roughly as powerful as some of the high end gaming PCs due out this year. AMD CPU is something that has been rumoured before and given the company’s possible involvement there, also supplying a GPU isn’t too much of a stretch.

Orbis will be out next year. Apparently it’s due in the holiday season of 2013. No word on whether this is worldwide or just in the US and Japan, as with the PlayStation 3’s 2006 launch. It won’t be backward compatible with PS3 games though, so you’ll have to clear some extra space under the TV because you’re going to want to keep your PS3 around.

There are some extremely disturbing rumours that there will be a restrictive DRM system in place which requires you to lock a newly purchased game (Blu-ray) to your PSN account, which will allow you to copy the whole thing to your hard disk but will also render any subsequent trade in practically useless. The idea seems to be that pre-owned purchasers will basically get a gimped version of the game like a trial which prompts them to pay a further fee to unlock the full thing.

There’s also warning that playing offline will not be an option to circumvent this DRM. Like some heavily criticised PC games recently, there could be plans to require a PSN connection before a game disc will work at all. Can’t see that being any sort of issue given the PSN’s history of maintenance, launch day server woes and periods of downtime…

As always, whether you choose to trust these rumours is up to you, nothing is certain until Sony takes to a stage somewhere and announces it. It’s interesting to speculate though, how believable do you think this batch of rumours is?

Source: Kotaku



  1. WTF AMD are shit for CPU’s… they are slow and easily mess up.
    Glad I WONT be buying one…. because it will prob burn out in a week

    • My laptop uses an AMD CPU and so far, it’s not burned out. I’ve owned it since 2010.

      • I have an intel in my PC, but my best friend has an AMD CPU and they’re far from shit. They’re actually quite brilliant used well.

      • I just hope there is no potion for the PS4 to play Age of Empires then the whole thing would blow up ;)

    • I’m sorry, where did you see this as confirmed?

  2. The date, and CPU/GPU rumours sound pretty plausible, but please please please Sony don’t do this DRM lark, it will be the downfall of the Playstation brand if you do.

  3. There is no chance at all that an AMD 7XXX GPU will find its way into the PS4. Therefore I call this all as lies like everyone else pretty much does.

  4. I can see this being true in all honesty. I hope it’s not though.

  5. Really for any of the console makers…. adding such features will destroy the industry. Even leaving out PS3 or Xbox content is a turn off to me.

  6. I’m buying a PS4 no matter what!

  7. Not even mentioning the fact that locking pre-owned copies out might be completely illegal in most Western European countries, I’m also massively underwhelmed by the technological road chosen by Sony.

    An off-the-shelf Athlon instead of the Cell, really? I understand Sony want to make their future platform easily available to all Windows-based developers, but do they truly believe that we’re going to buy *again* our PS3 games on the PS4?

    • Wouldn’t surprise me if they did think that to be honest, look at how well PS2 HD classics have done.

      The only thing is that i can’t see there being a huge graphical leap between PS3 & PS4, so not sure people would go for it.

  8. Would be shocking if this was true. Wouldn’t stop me from buying it but would so for other gamers and it wouldnt make me a happy customer.

  9. Whatever it does or doesn’t do the internet will still slag it off :-/

    • Yeah because do WE really want a system that lock discs, Not play PS3 games… even PSone or PS2 (since it shouldn’be out from PS3), what happens to all the games that we’ve spent like what?! over £500 on possibly.

      Whats rumoured from Each console so far says either MS or Sony.. even maybe Nintendo don’t care about there customers.

      • In my opinion backwards compatibility has been taken for granted in the last few generations and that is the problem. I see it as a totally optional bonus. Back in the NES/SNES/N64/GC days backwards compatibility didn’t bother anyone and it shouldn’t be mandatory these days. You bought your games for a specific console. Chances are you still own that console when the new one comes out. Nobody at Sony told anyone that buying games now is a future proof investment because those games would be playable on future consoles.

  10. “This is backed up by the SCE subdomain”…it’s, not Interesting name for a working title. I doubt it’ll be revealed this year though. I’m thinking the PS3 could last until 2015. There really isn’t a need to jump into the next gen again when we’re still calling this gen next gen (at least subconsciously I am).

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