PS Vita Competition Winner

Last week TSA teamed up with Tecmo Koei Europe to give away a fantastic prize of a PS Vita, a copy of Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and a copy of Dynasty Warriors NEXT. The winner of this awesome prize was picked at random (via which turned out to be the following TSA user:

Congratulations to Yahavage, she was pretty excited when we broke the news to her so we know the prizes are going to a good home!

We will be doing our best to keep bringing you great competitions in April and we already have something in the pipeline with some cool hardware related prizes, so make sure you keep your eyes on TSA!



  1. Congratulations

  2. If my email sounded pretty excited, you should have seen me last night lol!
    I have to say a big massive thank you to TSA for this awesomesauce prize, I’m really looking forward to receiving it. I’ve been a member of this site for quite a while now, and it’s definitely one of the nicest communities around (and I would have honestly said that before I won the Vita ;) )

    Rest assured it shall be very well looked after and played -a lot- :D


    • Congrats its a great console, Now we just need more games.

    • Just a shame that AG disclosed your gender, the rabid dogs that frequent the forums will be after you now ;)

      • Dons ‘rabid dog’ costume.

    • We need to get it sorted out so we can turn up at houses with a camera crew and get people’s reactions live.


      • lol! I can take some photos of me unboxing it. Might scare people more than anything though D:

    • Congratulations! Out of interest, what were you going to use your ninja skills for?

  3. guys, you’ve spelled my name wrong. O_O

    seriously though, congratulations Yahavage.

  4. So that is why i saw Tef crying in the corner with a black eye. Did you really have to punch him in the face Adam in order to give the prize to a TSAer? ;)

    Anyway, congrats Yahavage. Although, i think Tef may start stalking you due to the Vita. :p

    • ^^ many thanks for for the congrats guys. I would reply to you all individually but that might look a bit spammy D:
      Perhaps I should join a meet and express my thanks in the form of whooping everyone? :P

      • ^ That was supposed to be a reply to everyone D: lol

  5. Tip of the cap to you Yahavage.

  6. Congratulations!

  7. Congratulations Yahavage!

  8. Well done, welcome to the Vita gang.

  9. Congrats Yahavage!!!

  10. Congrats

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