Report: OpCapita Buys Game For £1

The story rumbles on, with the latest being that OpCapita have bought GAME, with a formal announcement expected tomorrow.

The BBC reports that the deal will save the still open stores and – hopefully – the associated jobs. That means that 333 branches will remain open, and over 3,000 employees.


RBS, along with five other banks, are owed £85m between them. The group have apparently approved the OpCapita takeover.

The Telegraph says that OpCapita paid £1.



  1. Aww, you could have used my “New GAME+” as the sub-heading ;o)

    • Also, I have £2.50 on my reward card; GAME sent me an e-mail this morning saying that reward card points are only good for pre-owned, so I could have bought the company!

      • I can think of better ways to acquire £85 million of debt… ;)

      • Is it 85 Million? Wow I cant see them making any sort of return on that investment to be honest.

      • thats actually really good….good on u

      • should probably read the thing before posting -.-

      • you woulda still had change as well

  2. This will not end well.

    • will have to see. Hope the rest of the employees get to keep their jobs

  3. Damnit! I have a fiver in my car. I should have brought GAME myself, haha.

    • Yeah, and inherit all that debt, over £85 million worth :P

      • I would have sold it after ten minutes. I could then say that I owned a mega corporation, haha. Still though, I would ask if I could call the debt a tenner :)

  4. If the total debt is 85 million, I reckon it could be made by selling off all the physical stores n making the company grow though online sales until the profit is rolling in enough to expand back out into stores

  5. More than I can afford. Good luck to them.

  6. April Fools!

    • This news was posted yesterday evening …

      • Probably why it was posted 23:48, to (try and) make sure people didn’t think it was an April fools.

  7. Must be an April fools…

  8. They’ve got their work cut out to try and pull the business bak together, but I do wish them luck!

  9. Can’t imagine Opcapita have any interest in owning Game, I imagine they’ll be looking to sell the chain on as soon as they can, but by keeping the stores open they stand a chance of someone paying a premium.

    Either way, wasn’t there some story that property that Game owns (their head office?) being worth multiple millions of pounds? If so, they might well stand a chance of getting some serious bids

  10. Buying game is a rip off; for £2 you could buy sweets! Plus, have you ever bought something that £2, but really costs £850,000,02

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