Are You Ready For PS4?

2013.  Next year.  That’s when the latest rumours for the next generation of consoles are marking the calendar.  Think about that for a second – if the stories are correct, we could be getting our hands on the PS4 and Xbox Next (or whatever they’re called) any time from between eight months to about twenty, with many still thinking that E3 this year will see some kind of unveiling from both Sony and Microsoft, even if it’s just a taster.

It doesn’t really matter what they end up being called – marketing and branding aside – what matters is what they’ll do, and what they’re capable of.  In terms of visuals, it’s clear that this current generation can’t really handle full HD, let alone 3D, without plenty of sacrifices, so hopefully whatever the manufacturers are working on will mean 1080p at 60fps before they start worrying about any other fancy technology.

But it’s not the boost in graphics that I’m most desperate for.  I’m a keen believer that Halo is the best first person shooter ever made because of one thing: the AI.  Running around blasting dumb enemies means nothing to me, but with Halo I always admired what Bungie had done with the squad intelligence and pack mentality, and the Elites – on the harder levels – felt like equals rather than bullet sponges.

If the next-gen can up the immersion this way – making things smarter rather than simply just prettier, I’ll be happy.

But there’s more to consider here – the latest on both new machines suggest that pre-owned games will be considerably crippled and, in the case of Orbis (the current codename for PS4) it sounds like backwards compatibility will also be out of the window, meaning that all your PS3 games (both on disk and digital download) won’t work going forward.  You’ll have to keep hold of your current console, basically, and that won’t please many.

Of course, all this is just rumour at this stage, regardless of the sources.  Even if elements are true, nobody knows for sure about what’s going to change right up until the machines are formally announced – but whilst the contents of the technical specs seem to differ from story to story, one thing seems to remain fairly constant: the date.  I’d be hugely surprised if we don’t get our hands on them both next year.

But is that too soon?



  1. God of War 4 as a Ps4 launch & I will buy it..

    But I don’t think PS4 will be called PS4 due to Japanese superstition with the Number 4

    Also if they release PS4 that would mean ps vita will slowly die no new IP or maybe it going get nothing but ports like the psp

    • I’m ready for nextgen this xmas would be nice.

      • I am ready for the next playstation, i have a space ready for it ^_^

  2. No!

  3. why is there a halo video? surely the baddies in rainbow were more intelligent than those bozos in halo..
    at least they hunted you down in a good old terrorist hunt.

  4. I think the problem this gen has been the difficulty in programming for the PS3, some devs can get loads out of it (mainly 1st party ones), but some seem to really struggle.

    2013 sounds a good year for the PS4 as Solid State drives should be at around the 2GB/1£ mark, It would bring out a huge performance increase whilst being much cheaper than packing it with huge amounts of RAM.

    Whatever happens, we’ve seen from the Vita that Sony has learned from (most of) thier mistakes with the PS3.

  5. Hmmm I wonder if the backwards compatibility rumours hold any weight. I feel like I really wouldn’t want to lose the ability to play PS3 games. Saying that, I probably felt the same about PS2 games before I got my PS3, and now I don’t really have any interest in playing PS2 games.

    • I think the loss of backwards compatibility will be true. Emulating a powerpc based cell chip on an x86 processor just wouldn’t be fast enough. So to do backwards compatibilty requires a cell chip and nasty os programming for a machine with 2 different types of cpu. Cost is prohibitive.

      • The backwards compatability of ps2 to ps3 is completely different to that of ps3 to ps4. firstly the ps2 to ps3 transition was huge, new disc format, new internals, new structure. The same will not be true of ps3 to ps4. ps4 will still have blu ray, maybe larger capacity, aswell as the same basic architecture. The graphics will only improve to current pc levels. So i still expect sony to allow the ps3 to be backwards compatible, otherwise i and many others wont buy it.

      • “same basic architecture”

        If the rumours about a new AMD CPU are true then it will be a complete move away from the PS3 architecture of the cell to a more traditional x86 CPU.This will be a major change and not a minor one as you say so emulation is not looking likely if this is the case.

  6. Depends what the next-gen does or doesn’t do to whether I’ll look forward to it or not

    Bug bears of this gen are that it’s barely up to HD gaming with reduced res and/or sluggish framerates.
    But mainly the shocking experience of getting into games, load times of even the simplest game are abysmal, the experience of booting up a system, game loading and numerous splash screens followed by lengthy level loads is utter shit.

    Think I’d quite happily mirror a tablet to my TV, use a controller that all work with stuff like Android… and be able to take my games anywhere thanks to that portability without having to buy another mobile unit.
    Being able to play quality games on mobile, tablet or mirrored to TV without or without controllers games that play well & look good but aside from that have a much better experience of use and ease of portability is a future I look forward to.

    If the next gen is just slightly better lighting models and a few more pixels, but with all the same old problems… it can sod off.

    • The loading times issue is a key point for me. Yesterday I was playing Tiger Woods 13 and I reckon at least 25% of the time it was on was spent loading/saving. It just baffles me, after an hour I just got bored and turned it off.

      I remember the good old days of cartridge gaming, slot it in and away you go!

    • Like beeje13 says above the loading times (which are truly crap) would improve a lot with a SSD drive.

  7. Really couldnt care less about 1080p 60fps. I’d much rather have decently designed games than excuses to make more shitty FPS titles.

    • I actually agree with this. I find absolutely no issue with the visuals of this gen (in fact, i am still imopressed by some) & am perfectly happy where i am for the moment. Probably for the next couple of years at least.

      One thing is for sure – If there isn’t a huge technological leap between the two, i don’t think i’ll bother. Especially if the rumours mentioned above are true. I did not spend money on the store just to effectively throw it away & if i have to tie games to my profile making them useless for trade, i am definitely out.

      • I think that just the fact that PS3 technology is now 5 years old means that there should be a quite significant leap. I also think that 1080p 60fps would make a big difference. I know it’s not all about graphics, and I agree with the sentiment of having decently designed games rather than a bombardment of shitty FPS titles, but I think that the latter is inevitable regardless of platform or specifications.
        Backwards compatibility, for me, would only be an issue in the initial stages. I pretty much stopped playing PS2 games once I had my PS3.

    • More shitty fps titles keep getting made because people buy them & not the ‘decently designed games’

      The market is leading, publishers with their development money are merely following… upgrading the hardware won’t change that, in fact increased dev costs may mean even fewer risks, the only way it can change is if people start buying the other stuff, or the new hardware has something like an innovative control scheme which will spur the devs on to make new gaming experiences to make the most of it.

  8. I wonder how that’ll work with your account. Will you be able to keep your account, and how will that show your trophies and such then? I’m hoping BC is included in the PS4 and that your account will still be yours.

  9. I dont really see anything ground-breaking happening this gen (next gen :P). I think there is still long to go in this one. I wont be buying the Ps4 or the the xbox anyway. My PC takes pride of place in my room.

  10. Since buying a PS3 in 2007 and then buying a 3D TV in 2010 I’ve been wanting the PS4 for a while now. The PS3 was never really intended to do anything 3D related it was added via software support later on. It works yes but not very well at all. I’m also fed up of sub HD games upscaled to only run at 30fps. I would rather have 1080p 60fps games than have all the bells and whistles they keep trying to shove down our throats. What’s the point in having something look good when it plays terribly? For me PS4 or Orbis couldn’t come soon enough!

    • 3D??? Yawwwwwn.

      Most overhyped useless feature ever (IMO).

      • I concur. Though in some games it does work perfectly. I recently bought a cheap 24″ 3D monitor for about £170. Playing Crysis 2 on it I must say looked amazing. Otherwise I have struggled to find a game that I have enjoyed playing in 3D.

      • I have to say that Uncharted 3 is impressive in 3D.

      • Not seen anything that looks good in 3D, other than the football, thats pretty good. Films/games look crap.

      • Ico, SOTC, GOW collection, Uncharted, Wipeout, Crysis 2, Sly Cooper, Gears 3, KZ3, Mortal Kombat…. (I could go on) All brilliant in 3D.
        I think people are either sitting too close to the TV or blind in one eye :D
        Play GOW collection 2 or Uncharted 3 in 3D and tell me it doesn’t look absolutely fantasic.
        In fact the only two I’ve been disappointed with are Batman AC and Enslaved.

        Personally I wish all games were in 3D.

      • Too gimmicky for me i am afraid.

        I have never been impressed with 3D & i don’t feel it adds to any experience, just makes you feel uncomfortable. Which is not what i want to feel when i am relaxing.

        Plus this incessant need to put every-bloody-thing in 3D just for the sake of it pisses me off.

      • Fair enough. But I think we are beyond the ‘gimmick’ stage now TBH.

      • Gimmmmick.

      • Motorstorm Apocalypse is great in 3D. As is GT5’s in-car view.

      • Not poo-pooing you guys opinions, but its still a gimmick as far as i am concerned (not flaming, just my opinion) – Basically, I am perfectly aware at all times that I am playing a game. I am not going to get any more immersed if it looks like rubble is flying towards me or if it appears as I am sat in a cockpit, as I know for a fact that I am not. The fact that I am still sat on my garish tiger pattern sofa is testament to that fact.

        The fact that you have to buy an entirely new TV & wear glasses (!) just to get this effect is a concept that I just don’t get. It’s also a lot of effort & expense for not a lot of point.

        Again, not knocking those that get enjoyment out of it – Kudos to you. For me though, it’ll always be a gimmick & yet another thing for developers to shoe horn in for no real reason.

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