Rumour: PS4 Getting Speech Recognition?

As it’s a bit quiet I thought I would have a nose round LinkedIn and see if there’s any juicy jobs postings. Turns out there is, regardez la liste des emplois.

Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Research and Development department has a summer internship opportunity available. This intern will work within the Acoustic Analysis Group and the team is looking for motivated and enthusiastic students who will contribute to the voice recognition system and technologies for the PlayStation platforms.

As the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita do not have a ‘voice recognition system’ then it’s a pretty safe assumption this can only be for a future PlayStation product.

The job listing was posted on March 29, 2012.

Also lurking around on LinkedIn is a job listing for Zindagi Games, the chaps behind Medieval Moves and Sports Champions.

They describe themselves as ‘A 2nd Party Video Game Studio working on PS3 and next generation home console’ so it looks like they are on board the good ship Orbis as well.

Source: LinkedIn / LinkedIn



  1. Orbis, dance for me …. slowly.

    • Haha! Brilliant. Say that in your best Arnie voice!

  2. Me – Orbis, order me a pizza
    Orbis – Sorry, PSN is down til Friday

    • I doubt a Playstation product would be THAT clear…it would be more like: Sorry, error 2ou3dfbuwegh wcuywe f

  3. Orbis, paint me like one of your french girls…
    Wouldn’t it be possible that something like this pops up on the Vita or the PS3? The Vita has a built-in mic and the rest could be delivered through software, right? The same goes for the PS3 with the Singstar Mics… Not saying it will happen. I just mean it could be possible…

    • The PSEye also has a mic & lets not forget headsets too.

      Although it does mention next gen in the Zindagi Games description.

      • My bad. Had a very short weekend. :P

      • DOn’t worry, i was actually completely with you (which is why i wrote the bit about the PSEye & the headset) until i thought to just have a glance over it again.

      • Additionally i’m sure there is probably some way they can do it on PS3 actually, but I think it would probably be a very piecemeal approach to things – I’m guessing they are just trying to rival connect in the next gen & probably go one step further if they can.

  4. Me – Orbis? Play {insert franchise here}
    Orbis – No probs, Mike. Here we go.

    Me – Orbis? I’m bored. Play me the soundtrack to Journey.
    Orbis – My pleasure, Mike. Here we go.

    Me – Orbis? Help me cure all manner of diseases by loading up the latest [email protected]
    Orbis – Your finest request yet. You are an example to mankind.

    Me – Orbis? Let’s go buy some games from the PSN Store and hope that they’ll download faster than Michael Jackson’s cadaver after it’s been staple-gunned to the surface of the Sun (what with the gravity being so strong that it’d take a NASA Shuttle launch to lift a seven year old boy from it’s surface*).
    Orbis – Ah.

    *Michael Jackson went to the Sun to see the boy. See? I had it all planned out. :P

    • You’re not a well man, are you?

  5. Me: Orbis, enter voice chat with PSN friends
    Orbis: They’re dead, Dan.
    Me: Who is?
    Orbis: Your PSN friends, Dan.
    Me: What, Peter?
    Orbis: Everybody’s dead, Dan.
    Me: What, Al?
    Orbis: Everybody’s dead Dan.
    Me: What, Aran?
    Orbis: They’re all dead, everybody’s dead Dan.
    Me: Tuffcub isn’t, is he?
    Orbis: Everybody is dead, Dan.
    Me: Not Jim?
    Orbis: Gorden Bennet, yes Jim, everybody, everybody’s dead Dan.
    Me: Joe?
    Orbis: He’s dead Dan, everybody’s dead, everybody is dead Dan.
    Me: Wait, are you trying to tell me everybody’s dead?
    Orbis: *slightly under breath* PSN IS UNDER MAINTENANCE, CAN’T LOG ON!

    • *golf claps* Ha :-)

      I’m going to ask Adam to replace every line (except the first one) with “You have no friends”.

      • But I can edit too, so Ill change it back :oD

    • Dan: So whats all of this white powder then?
      Orbis: That is catering officer Olaf Peterson

    • Me: Hello Orbis
      Orbis: Would you like some toast?
      Me: Look, I don’t want any toast, and he doesn’t want any toast. In fact, no one around here wants any toast. Not now, not ever. No toast.
      Orbis: How about a muffin?
      Me: Or muffins. We don’t like muffins around here. We want no muffins, no toast, no teacakes, no buns, baps, baguettes or bagels, no croissants, no crumpets, no pancakes, no potato cakes and no hot-cross buns and definitely no smegging flapjacks!
      Orbis: Aah, so you’re a waffle man.

    • Orbis = Queeg 500

  6. Me: Ahh, time for bed *stands up and approaches PS4*
    Orbis What do you think you’re doing Dave?
    Me: Uhhhhhhh

  7. Me: *grinding for the 350th blast shard to get the inFamous 3 platinum* Stupid bloody console with your stupid bloody games.
    Orbis: That’s not very nice, Mike. I’m merely a…
    Me: Ah, piss off, Orbis.
    Orbis: You do realise I’ve been filming and uploading all your special moments with the Playstation Eye™, don’t you? Including that game of “hide the Move controller” you had when your flat-mate went out for the afternoon.
    Me: I’m on YouPorn, aren’t I?
    Orbis: Yep.

    • i laughed rather hard at that one.

  8. Me: Kinect Play
    Me: Kinect Play
    Me: KINECT PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Me: Oh yeah, Orbis Play
    Orbis: Feck off you called me Kinect!!!
    Me: Sorry Orbis, pretty please play.
    Orbis: No ….. wipes HDD!

  9. A romantic night with the lady friend turns raunchy….

    Orbis: get some!
    Me: whoah, whoah, whoah. What the hell?
    Orbis: oh, don’t mind me. Carry on.
    Me: orbis, shut down.
    Orbis: awwwww.

    ….Orbis: can I join in?

    • Me: Orbis… mind your bloody business!
      Orbis: That’s not the same girl as last week, is it?

      • Orbis: meanwhile, in the Big Brother house…

  10. Could be the first speech recognition software that actually works, but probably not.

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