BioWare’s Mystery Game Footage

Remember that mystery game that BioWare teased at last year’s VGA’s? No? The one that turned out to be Command & Conquer: Generals 2?

Gaming’s own sniffer dog, Superannuation, has uncovered a whole ten seconds of footage from which the VGA image was taken and the game had the working title of ‘Warzone.’


Looks mighty different from the trailer released for Generals 2.

Source: Superannuation



  1. Curses, i can’t watch the video as it thinks that i don’t have flash player when in fact i’ve got the latest version of Adobe Flash. :(

    If it’s DA3, i bloody hope EA will give them 4-5 years to develop it as DA2 is a massive disgrace to the DA franchise and is one of Bioware’s worst games. *gets dragged back onto the naughty seat to avoid him ranting about it*.

    • it’s definitely not dragon age.

      • It might be Dragon Age : 2025 Modern Dragon slaying?

      • it could i suppose, if fable could have an industrial revolution then they could take it way past that in DA.

        actually, i’ve always wanted to see what one of these fantasy worlds would be like once they get technology as well as magic, that’s why i was looking forward to the Warhammer 40K mmo.

      • I bloody hope not! As the Mage-Templar war has potential plus there may be another blight.

        @mad, i fear that may be true.

    • its not DA3

  2. Umm… So what’s the meaningful conclusion to all of this?

    • flying better than driving?

    • Not a conclusion, more of a question.. how did this video turn in to such a radically different game in the space of a month?

      • It hasn’t really. Same style of helicopter, kind of simple technical pickup truck, as you’d see in Generals 1, and it’s just a different landscape, outside of a city..

        Still looks like C&C:G2 to me.

      • And a completely different viewpoint ;)

  3. The slo mo explosion could be there to show off something new about their game engine?

  4. ” Super Big Gunship With Loads Of Rockets ” the sequal, thats what its called , i bet my last stella on it!

  5. Yea, looks like C&C:G to me too, with the awesome new engine.

  6. Can I use a lifeline… I don’t have a clue on this…

  7. Blast it, the video’s gone. :/

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