Wii U Release Date Emerges

According to blog WiiUDaily, Nintendo have set the 18th of November as the American release date for their next console.

The information apparently comes from an email the site has obtained from a Japanese retailer, although why a Japanese retailer would have the date for a US launch is slightly confusing.


“The email circulated among staff at a game store in Japan, the Akihabara-based Media Land, one of the most popular video game shops in Tokyo,” the site claims, although it doesn’t show the email or offer any further details.

Some sites are running with this story as if it’s already proven to be true – I’d urge a little caution with this for the moment, even if everything checks out (including the Sunday release date).

I can’t find any other mention of this release date from any other source, including the Japanese sites I’d normally check.

The site also claims that GTA V is heading to the Wii U, via a “financial report”.  I couldn’t find said financial report.



  1. ‘Scuse me, starting saving by getting my internet cance-

  2. The site has a number of bogus looking posts with anonymous sources, and apparently has found some magical financial report from Rockstar confirming GTA V for Wii U, even though no platforms have been announced thus far.

    Plausible date, but a bogus source IMO. But hey, everyone seems to be leaking PS4 and Next Xbox details lately, can’t leave the Wii U out of the fun, considering there’s been very little buzz about it anyway since it was announced.

    • I think everyone’s picking up on it so eagerly because sites like Eurogamer have done.

      See: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=35817885&postcount=1

      • Yeah, I saw that a while ago. Good times for games journalism eh?

        Don’t blame sites for picking up on it, especially with all the spotlight next gen has been getting recently. As long as people realise there’s every chance it’s bogus and that people urge a bit of caution (like you have). It’s when sites, like Eurogamer, put “report” in the article title and lay it out as if it’s gospel that gets my goat.

  3. Read this on Eurogamer earlier and was sceptical, the ‘WiiUDaily’ site has dodgy all over it. Other sites seem to also be running it as confirmed, or put “report” infront of it instead of “rumour”.

  4. I honestly believe that as today was a slow news day, a lot of sites have been running April Fool’s stuff from yesterday as news. Most honestly, while others are simply trying to drum up traffic. And maybe some writers are just bored.

    Thankfully, this site labels it properly as rumours and speculation.

  5. The fact no platforms have been announced so far with regards to GTAV mean that a Wii U release would be no surprise.
    It has all the power, and a little bit more, of the PS360 so why not? Nintendo would do well to take it on as well due to the crazy selling power a GTA title has which, combined with the early stage in their new console, would be great for showing people that the Wii U is more than just a family gimmick console like the Wii has been viewed as for so long.

  6. Seems early. Especially so considering I don’t really know how the machine plays still.

  7. Doesn’t really matter anyways since we already know it’s coming before Christmas. The exact date is just a formality.

  8. Still not excited by the Wii U, I wanna see some tech demos and gameplay footage…

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