Launching Nextaxis

Apologies for interrupting our regular stream for a little bit of promotion, I’ll be brief.

[drop]Nextaxis is a new digital magazine, initially available on the iPad. It has just gone live on the AppStore with a free sample for the first issue available right now. That free sample includes a couple of bits that I wrote for the magazine but the full first issue has a lot more, from various contributors. The first full issue will launch very soon and be available from inside this free app.


This project has been something I’ve wanted to do for over a year now. It’s not officially a TSA project but obviously I’ve talked to several of the guys about it, taking their advice and guidance along the way. Hopefully you’ll see some of the TSA writers you enjoy cropping up in future issues too.

It’s been hard work, expensive and now nerve wracking to put this together and get it out into public view but it has also made me realise a few things about why I love working with videogames and why the people here at TSA are so important to me.

Please, if you have an iPad and a love of videogames, go to the AppStore now and download the app. Most importantly, spread the word about Nextaxis far and wide, in order to be successful, we need to be seen.

We’re also constantly looking at ways to improve the magazine so your comments and suggestions for our future are much appreciated. As are your positive iTunes reviews!

We’re on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Feel free to say hello!



  1. I’ll check it out!

  2. Is it going to go on Android at all xx

    • Hopefully, yes. I want to make it available everywhere I can. Currently researching Android to make sure I can get it working on as many tablets as possible with all their different screens and specifications. iPad has to be the focus because it’s a single (until the new screen resolution…) target and by far the biggest market but Android will hopefully come along soon after.

      • I am just amazed by the lack of a product from Adobe in this regard.

        Said to much already.

      • Cool, well looking forward to having a look at it when it comes to android :) xx

  3. Good luck with it! I unfortunately do not own an iPad, only an iPod, but I wish you lot the very best of luck in making this the best mag ever :D

    • Ooh – Just a vowel away! :)

      • Thats a new way to think of it! Sounds much better when I just have an iPod now :)

  4. As soon as I’m home, stroking my iPad, I’ll be all over it! : )

  5. Downloading the app now. :)

  6. Now you have made your self a target for News International and they are going to be so worried.
    Why dont you just go the full hog and open up an office up in Wapping.


  7. Will there be plans for us to buy it in PDF version through Paypal or something for those of us that don’t have iPads?

    • That’s certainly possible, although it’ll be a slightly less interesting experience to use it. I’ve been looking into it for the future so I’ll keep you updated.

      • Awesome, looking forward to it.

      • An better option would be Adobe AIR tool set then PDF.

        Or wait…

      • The sample PDF works just fine, bar the videos and internet connection stuff… :)

  8. Best of luck with it – I am an android phone user with no PC or tablet to speak of, so i can’t help with a download i am afraid, but i’ll see if i can perhaps spread the word a little.

  9. App downloaded, can’t wait for the full issue now :)

  10. Sounds cool. I’ll sit back and wait for the Android version. Is there a targeted release schedule for paid version? Can we expect monthly or even weekly issues?

    • Hoping to release the first full issue within a week, priced as cheaply as we can given the expenses – probably £1.99 or £1.49.
      Monthly release schedule.

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