PS Vita Firmware Updated To 1.65

The PS Vita has been updated to version 1.65, the main feature being an option to turn off the notification pop-ups.

Here’s the official list:


– A “Notification Alert” option will be added to Settings, so you can toggle alerts on or off
– “After 10 minutes” will be added to the time options under Power Save Settings
– An Arrow icon will now appear when PS Vita finds new activities in the LiveArea
– Caps Lock will be supported in the On Screen Keyboard

Exciting, right?

Additionally, PlayStation Plus minis now work, Near can update whenever, background downloading works after a manual sleep and there’s a percentage meter on installs.



  1. And PS+ Minis now works.

    • And OMFG my friend list now works 100% correct!!!!Finally :D

  2. Been waiting for my PS+ Mini’s for ages. At least i can download them and play them at work now!

    • Vita has only been out in Europe for just over 1 mounth. And for you that is ages!
      Gosh I dont want to be you right now with all rumours of PS4 (Orbis) it going to be hell, about year to go if the rumours are correct.

  3. My Vita is on 1.61 and is saying thats the latest version!?, anybody know why that is?

    • me too. ?

      • It aint live yet… Maybe people are using US accounts…

      • False!!! It is live here in Europe too.(atleast Sweden)

      • Def not working for me in UK.. Phased roll out maybe.. Im sure itll arrive soon

      • Just to clarify, is everyone on 1.61 before todays update?, maybe I’m being stupid but jumping from 1.61 to 1.65 seems strange, what happened to 1.2,3 and 4?

      • Version numbering is a largely pointless thing, particularly any incremental update after decimal points.. Im on 1.61 too, .2 to .4 may have been internal upgrades to fix bugs in the update code for each update, and they got it ready by .5. Major reisions tend to go with a full number increase, say version 2, but its just a way of telling the difference between files

      • Still not live (I presume) as I’m unable to update.

    • Thanks for the info guys

  4. Awesome, there’s a couple of minis I’ve been wanting to try, will get to give them a whirl now!

  5. Always good to see improvements, not matter how big or small. I would quite like the messaging to be adjusted so that I don’t get copies of messages that I’ve already opened/read on my PS3. “You Have New Messages” – actually I don’t, they’re old. ;)

    • Agree… That and ps1 games seem to be popular requests… Id prefer p2 games myself.. Maximo on oled cold be good

    • I agree about the msg thing, that is annoying, I get a lot of game invites that I dont even play but since I aaint got my ps3 til tomorrow I know I will have a lot of msg that I already dealt with on the vita

    • It would be better if you could also delete an entire dialogue fromt he main message screen – sadly you have to open a message and then tick-box every reply of the conversation, then hit delete. Very long winded. I even get messages that I’ve already dealt with and deleted on my PS3, even when my Vita hasn’t been turned on inbetween. I don’t really want to have to turn messaging off on my Vita as that is essentially losing a feature.

      • So true that, turning of the messaging would be a feature lost. Sony needs to address this little things, also is it just me but my msgs take like forever to come.

      • I believe messages save on to your PS3 once you’ve connected to PSN and any pending messages are effectively delivered. I have 2 PS3s and this seems to be how it works as I can’t see any messages on my Slim that have already been delivered to my Fat and vice-versa, although the Vita is totally different and seems to accept all messages ever sent. If it worked like an additional PS3, and as the current system works between multiple PS3s, that would be perfect Sony. :)

    • Yes, those pesky duplicate messages are bothering me too.
      I have one message on my Vita(a game invite for Reality Fighters) that seems to have three PSN IDs as the sender, yet when i tap and open it only the third PSN ID is attached to it…. odd..
      Also, more oddness.. two people who i added as friends via the Vita don’t show up properly on my PS3 friends list, sometimes they’re ok but most of the time their profile is pushed to the bottom of my friends list and they have a spinning icon where the avatar should be.

  6. I get the impression theyre saving ps one games for ps suite, and id expect if they do then there might be more choice, but no compatibility with previously purchased ps1 games… Just a hunch

  7. These seem minor. They are good minor improvements but we are expecting more. PSone classics are what a lot of people are waiting for but Lymmusic said, they are probably saving this now for Playstation Suite

  8. Ahh PS+ Minis is a plus! Should get a few on the Vita tonight.

    So with Near can I send out game goods however much I want to?

    • Mine wont find the update as of yet

  9. Just tried.. no update as of yet

  10. Impossible game it is then! When the update appears anyway…

    • Thats the only mini I been trying get. Love that game on my ipod

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