Rock Band Blitz Announced

Hey America, stop announcing games in the middle of the night! This news came through late last night when everyone at TSA Towers was safely tucked up in bed, dreaming of a Flashback remake.

Harmonix, who invented Guitar Hero, got bough out by Activision, left Activision and invented Rock Band, has announced a new game via G4TV. The game is a PSN/XBLA downloadable that doesn’t need a mini plastic guitar or drum kit to play. It’s called Rock Band Blitz and it will use a controller to dextrously navigate that familiar rolling note highway. Players will jump between instruments in order to build their scores most successfully.


It will launch with 25 songs but, in a moment of inspired consideration for fans, will be able to access and utilise any previous Rock Band tracks you’ve downloaded on to your console. Blitz will also have access to the Rock Band Store, meaning a potential catalogue of 3,500 tracks on launch day. The 25 that come with Blitz will also be backwards compatible with Rock Band 3, a further consideration for franchise fans.

Source: G4TV, via Joystiq. Thanks, Boomshanks



  1. A new game and a new way to play the songs I already have? Yes please! :)

    (Also, a big plus for it seeming to be a successor of sorts to Frequency/Amplitude … loved those games.)

  2. last rock band game i played was rock band 2 and it lasted me ages, kept getting pulled out when mates come over and when a new song we like comes on the store. just ordered Beatles and 3 to get back into it so this could be bought as well.

  3. Sounds like Rock Band: Unplugged to me, which I loved so looking forward to it.

  4. Sounds just like the PSP game, which was fantastic.
    Colour me interested.
    Won’t be getting rid of RB3 for this, but I can have both, can’t I? :)

  5. I’m really looking forward to this one. Not only to play the game itself with my hundreds of songs, but also to get 25 new songs for Rock Band 3 including Pumped Up Kicks, yaay.

  6. Sweet, just gone back to playing my music games actually forgot how fun they can be. This should be great! :D

  7. Really good idea and I quite fancy this one.

  8. Awesome!! Love this type of game. Rock Band Unplugged, Frequency and Amplitude are some of my favourite games ever! Will definitely get this, plus I have some Rock Band songs already to add to it. Brilliant.

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