Rumour: Wii U To Cost Less Than $300

Those secretive unnamed sources have been gossiping once more and this time the topic is the Wii U.

A lengthy post over on Forget The Box estimates the manufacturing costs for the new console to be around $180 (£114) and that the public will be able to buy the hardware at around $300 (£189).

“Cutting production costs to maximize profits is Nintendo’s main concern with the Wii U. They are cutting costs in the Wii U’s hardware to build back confidence in investors. Nintendo wants investors to view Wii U as a less risky proposition,” said the mysterious source.

Nintendo are likely to bundle the console with a game which will increase the price, but would you be tempted by a £200 Wii U?

Source: Forget The Box



  1. Even cheaper than a Vita, that’s definitely something.
    Sounds like they’re going for a similar to strategy as to what they used with the Wii.

  2. Wow. It sounds much worse in $…I still won’t be getting one though, still gotta get a PSVita for a start!

  3. i havent bought a Nintendo product since the GC but if they shove this out at that price consider me in, especially if their version of remote play works as i (and millions of others) hope it does.

  4. Colour me interested, at that price.
    Unless the successor to the PS3 gets announced at E3, that is.

  5. I’d expect $300 to convert to around £250 or more based on previous international prices.

  6. Not really interested. The lack of a harddrive and proper unified network repels me.

  7. I would only buy if Pokemon MMO is a launch title.

  8. Just buy one and hope it’s the Wii launch all over again and sell it on for £250+ :P

    • lol, this seems to be your strategy with the Vita too :P

      • Can you tell I spend too much time on HUKD? :P

      • haha you do, you own the cheap games and deals thread.

  9. The price conversion never works out. The Vita was $250 in America which works out at about £160 and yet we paid £230. If the Wii U is $300 then expect to pay atleast £250 over here.

    • Agreed. I’m finding that the GBP is homing in on a 1:1 exchange even when the real-world rates are anything but that. Meh. Consumerism.

      • It is going that way which just confuses me no end. I don’t see why we pay so much more than Americans do for the same product.

      • Ah, to be fair, they have sales tax added on (which we always seem to ignore when conjuring “oh my god, how expensive?” articles). :-) However, some of our prices really do smart. Importing into Britain has never been cheap but it hurts like hell when the pound is weak.

  10. If it ends up being under £200 I’ll buy one day-one

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