WeView: Resistance 3

For some strange reason it seems the Resistance games have missed out on some WeView love, and it’s time to set that straight. This week Resistance 3 is stepping up to the plate to be analysed by you, our community. Before we get to that though it’s time to take a look at what we here at TheSixthAxis thought of the game when it released back in September.

This time around it was Alex on review duties for the game, who seemed to generally enjoy it. In particular he highlighted the game’s weapon design and the plot. There were some negatives, including secondary characters that weren’t properly fleshed out, but they can’t have been all that bad as the game scored well at 8/10. If you’d prefer a bit more information, here’s a longer extract of what he thought:

Resistance 3 isn’t revolutionary, but it’s better than Resistance 2 and, even though it’s a much more singular, human tale, it feels enough like the first Resistance that hopefully fans that didn’t like the second outing will give Insomniac another chance.  Capelli’s road trip hardly ever goes to plan, but invest in the character and his motives and you’ll find that every chance you get to pull the trigger on some Chimeran skulls you’ll be cracking a smile.  Move, Sharpshooter and 3D support round off one of the most comprehensive packages since Killzone 3 – and we’ve no hesistation in saying that this is a safe buy for fans.

Anyway enough of what we thought of it, as previously mentioned this is your turn to cast your eye over the game. Did you fall in love with Resistance all over again with the completion of the trilogy, or did it leave you with a nasty taste in your mouth? Did you feel that Move and 3D support really added something to the game, or could you not care less? Maybe you just couldn’t really invest yourself in Capelli’s road trip, or perhaps you felt it worked well.

Whatever your feelings on the game are you can share them simply by dropping a comment below. Whether you loved or hated the game (or anything in between) we really do want to hear from you. Once you’ve managed to construct your thoughts on the title into a comment, you just need to attach your rating of the game to it.

That rating shouldn’t be on any old numeric scale, instead for WeView we’re rather taken with the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It scale. Simply select which of those categories best describes your feelings on the game and add it to your comment.

Remember, you’ve got until Sunday afternoon to get this done. After that I’ll have started writing the article and won’t be able to select your comment, no matter how wonderful it is.


  1. It feels and plays more like the original but i still didn’t get into it as much. About halfway through, i got distracted by some other games and haven’t returned to it since. I do think i will return to finish it at some point but as i haven’t yet i’m probably not qualified to weview it, else i would say went it.

  2. The third installments in the Resistance was a totally different experience from the previous games in the franchise. The environments were breathtaking, as you travelled through a fallen America. The combat was fast-paced and fun, and the story was interesting, it made you really feel for the characters.

    It’s a BUY IT from me, folks. :)

  3. Re-bought this the other month for £8 to bolster my 3D game collection. Still no more than a slightly above average FPS IMO.

    Looks pretty sweet in 3D tho…

  4. Resistance 1 was brilliant. Resistance 2 overdosed on sugar and went way to hyper and colourful. Resistance 3 overdosed on ketamine and was slow and ever so slightly boring. Rent it, but buy the tie in book cos that was fab.

  5. Like many have said it’s up there with the first resistance! it’s a huge step up from the second game.
    The story seems alot more gritty then the previous game it has a unique dark tone to the game that at times makes it quite intense! BUY IT

  6. Absolutely fantastic game.
    I never play MP games (generally speaking), but I am closing in on being Remnant 2 on this. I love the weapons/story/lore.

    The 3D is absolutely awesome, looks great in both single player and mutliplayer modes.

    Resistance 1 was great, 2 was a bit of a hectic clusterf*ck, 3 is sublime.
    A quite emphatic BUY IT from moi :)

  7. My review was ace.

  8. I had a blast playing through local co op during an all nighter. Never tried the multiplayer, but I didn’t feel compelled too as it was missing the co op mission mode from R2.
    Definitely worth a rent.

  9. I never got this,so depending on the outcome i may invest.

  10. I really enjoyed the single player, the only real problem I can find with it is that every time I really got into a section it ended abruptly. Like that level under the prison with all the grims. Just as I was getting into it the level finished. I really liked the final battle though.
    The multiplayer is a blast but I never really got into it so I don’t have much of an opinion there.

    I’d say buy it.

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