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For some strange reason it seems the Resistance games have missed out on some WeView love, and it’s time to set that straight. This week Resistance 3 is stepping up to the plate to be analysed by you, our community. Before we get to that though it’s time to take a look at what we here at TheSixthAxis thought of the game when it released back in September.

This time around it was Alex on review duties for the game, who seemed to generally enjoy it. In particular he highlighted the game’s weapon design and the plot. There were some negatives, including secondary characters that weren’t properly fleshed out, but they can’t have been all that bad as the game scored well at 8/10. If you’d prefer a bit more information, here’s a longer extract of what he thought:

Resistance 3 isn’t revolutionary, but it’s better than Resistance 2 and, even though it’s a much more singular, human tale, it feels enough like the first Resistance that hopefully fans that didn’t like the second outing will give Insomniac another chance.  Capelli’s road trip hardly ever goes to plan, but invest in the character and his motives and you’ll find that every chance you get to pull the trigger on some Chimeran skulls you’ll be cracking a smile.  Move, Sharpshooter and 3D support round off one of the most comprehensive packages since Killzone 3 – and we’ve no hesistation in saying that this is a safe buy for fans.

Anyway enough of what we thought of it, as previously mentioned this is your turn to cast your eye over the game. Did you fall in love with Resistance all over again with the completion of the trilogy, or did it leave you with a nasty taste in your mouth? Did you feel that Move and 3D support really added something to the game, or could you not care less? Maybe you just couldn’t really invest yourself in Capelli’s road trip, or perhaps you felt it worked well.

Whatever your feelings on the game are you can share them simply by dropping a comment below. Whether you loved or hated the game (or anything in between) we really do want to hear from you. Once you’ve managed to construct your thoughts on the title into a comment, you just need to attach your rating of the game to it.

That rating shouldn’t be on any old numeric scale, instead for WeView we’re rather taken with the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It or Avoid It scale. Simply select which of those categories best describes your feelings on the game and add it to your comment.

Remember, you’ve got until Sunday afternoon to get this done. After that I’ll have started writing the article and won’t be able to select your comment, no matter how wonderful it is.


  1. A friend has let me borrow this one and it is just sitting gathering dust at the moment. I know I’ll play it eventually because I did like the first two.

  2. Simply put, resistance 3 is like the kfc reggae reggae meal, looks great, exciting and fills you with high expectations. After the first bite you quickly realise it hasn’t hit any of the heights you hoped for and leaves you feeling full of regret and disappointment.

    As an owner of all 3 titles, one was awesome, two good, three pants. It simply confirmed Killzone as being the FPS to own on PS3.

    A real rushed shame for a once highly regarded franchise.

    Don’t bother,pick one and two up cheap and keep your fond memories intact.


    • lol, I want all games reviewed based on fast food produce from now on.

  3. Bargain Bin it.

    There are enough positives for it to warrant a playthrough or two. I’d not played the previous two games but as a PS exclusive the game seemed to attract a lot of attention so I decided to buy it. This came out on the same day as Dead Island and due to said games’ various bugs I decided to play Resistance 3 first. Despite its popular appeal I was actually quite disappointed at how “narrow” some of the levels were – despite having to follow a linear path, the levels (in my opinion) should have been larger to allow for some alternative routes and some variation, especially when you consider the country is under attack and huge cities and areas are left desolate. This could also have added value from a replayability point of view. It was a shame that the earlier levels didn’t last longer too as I found as the game went on, I disliked the level locations more and more – but this is a preference and not really a fair criticism. Another flaw was the AI at times, even on the harder settings I would often find enemies with their backs’ to me despite me obviously shooting at them. Their wasn’t much variation in enemies either. These things aside the graphics were excellent, the sense of scale good (particularly the boat level with the giant walking things), the guns superb and probably the highlight of the game, the story was robust and there was a nice unexpected section about 1/2 way or 2/3 of the way through. The menus were nice too, the controls good, and the sound decent. It was great that the entire campaign could be played co-op too, something that should appear in more games, and the multiplayer was surprisingly very good and addictive – especially when I prefer a CoD or Battlefield usually. And I think this is partly why I didn’t rate the game as highly as others did – I’m just not hugely into sci-fi and aliens/chimaera, I prefer my shooters to be more realistic (CoD haters insert realistic jokes here). If you like your aliens etc then you may have for more enjoyment than I did, but that’s not to say that there isn’t a solid enough game there.

    Finally, add in some free DLC and a free web based strategy game to earn in-game unlocks then there is a lot there!

  4. Resistance is the flagship series that is a good representation of the PS3, underperforms at first but steadily improves with aplomb.

    Resistance 3 has the best single player of the 3. This time instead of a cliched grizzled slap head marine “Hale”, you control family man Capelli. Flawed, cantankerous and only wanting to spend life with his family, he is reluctantly on a mission to save the doomed world with minimal odds.

    It strays away somewhat from the cliched shoot this and that. It has a well told narrative- not often seen in an FPS and the highlight is when you come across the nasty side of humanity which offers something different from annihilating the Chimera.

    It handles well enough like any standard FPS. Weapons levelled as you use them and HEALTH PACKS!!!! Great to see the game do away with the not so realistic regeneration gimmick for once.

    Multiplayer wise is where the flaw comes in. I may be well on my own here but I was a big fan of Resistance 2 multiplayer. 60 player matches and 8 player co-op offered a plethora of replayability. The maps would be large and offered tactical battles across the map. Yet R3 does away with this and goes smaller with 16 players being more focused on quicker, smaller matches. Also, co-op is limited to the campaign rather than having missions. It is a crying shame as the big focus of Resistance 2 was the multiplayer which I thought was outstanding yet here in Resistance 3, they have changed the focus to the story yet in doing so have crippled the online somewhat.

    Despite this, multiplayer is not everything…it is not…if it was then the world would play Call of Duty. It is wonderful to see the series boldly go in the direction of focusing on a wonderfully woven narrative with some impressive solid gameplay and renewed life with a new protagonist.

    Resistance 3 won’t get the attention and the plaudits that the bigger hitters get. However, buy this game for a great story and set pieces that are refreshing to see in an increasingly stoic genre.

    BUY IT!

  5. R3 was a great game. It had an actual human being for a lead, a simply told but effective story, fun weapons and used old school gameplay (non-regen health) to create tension that is otherwise missing from most games now. Buy It.

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