Demon’s Souls Servers Shutting Down Next Month

Atlus has today confirmed that Demon’s Souls will see its servers shut down for good next month.


“With Demon’s Souls, gamers received a title of breathtaking scope and vision, a project built on experimental cooperative and competitive multiplayer concepts, offering users both direct and indirect methods of communication and interaction,” says a press release.

“It was of the utmost importance for us to sustain the game’s online experience as long as possible, even beyond the point at which sales could help to offset the expense. Regrettably, the online servers cannot be sustained forever and now the end draws near.”

I never finished the game, it was too hard. I’m too soft.

But I dealt with that Demon a long time ago.



  1. Like they say, it has to be shut down sooner or later, but it’s still a shame. A seriously great game that everyone should try.

    Also, the Platinum will become a lot harder once they are turned off!

    • Try getting that Pure Bladestone by yourself! Impossible lol

      • Yep, and the rest! Although I guess someone has to have done it.

      • I got the pure bladestone by myself, only took about twelve hours. Look how cool I am!

      • Serious dedication my friend, I hope you got the plat too…

      • Great vid and nice one of getting it. I must have done that run at least 50 times and didn’t have the patience to do it any more.

      • Having gotten the Pure bladestone myself 3 times with an average time of about 2 hours of grinding I’d say it’s anything but impossible. The guy in the video uses a really stupid tactic. Once you beat the game and get the maidens soul you can just oneshot him from behind with soulsucker after taking out the reaper with arrows. It’s actually more of a grind getting the needed chunks, IMO.

      • Accidentally alerting the enemy wasn’t part of my tactic, and I did use Soulsucker. Just happened to alert him the one time I actually got the bladestone. If you got it consistently in two hours a time then you’re very lucky, but there are some people who’ve grinded for days and never got it at all. Random drops with a low chance and no absolute assurance are awful.

  2. An amazing game and one I wish could stay forever…

    I wish they could have implemented some sort of P2P system, with some sort of co-op functionality. I know it goes against the point of the multiplayer in the game, but it’s better to have that option than nothing at all

    • Great idea, some of those bosses are incredibly difficult to beat if you have their undivided attention.

  3. Man, I was hoping they’d kee them open throughout the year, still haven’t had time to get Demons Souls… Well, atleast the game still works offline which is the most important part.

  4. Just started bought and started the game and after an hour, i can say that this game has one of the greatest atmospheres ever made.

    Sanitarium maybe? Planescape Torment, so on…

    • Good luck on your playthrough. You’re right, the atmosphere is awesome.

      Welcome to TSA!

  5. Crid! This will mean that an already hard game will be near impossible to beat. *sees a copy of Demon Souls* STAY AWAY FROM ME! *grabs sword* :p

    I’m glad that they have let us know about this a month in advance unlike a certain other publisher. Seeing as the server costs can be quite expensive for a developer, i’m not surprised.

    • Gets relatively easy once you are into it. Without a blue phantom to help you out on some early tough bosses the game is verging on impossible now though once the servers go down.

      • I never once had a blue phantom to help me out so it can be done!

      • Show off -_- ;)

      • Neither did I :D

      • Try as I might I absolutely had to get help for Penetrator – you’s are definitely better gamers than I – hats off

      • I actually believe it was yogdog you killed the penetrator for me, while I was standing in the corner eating my dinner :P

      • Oo, I killed The Penetrator with no problem at all, & no phantoms! :)

      • Go on, rub it in ;)

  6. On a similar note, I see that Dark Souls has been announced for PC, with extra bosses etc in a ‘Prepare to Die’ edition. It’s released on August 24th in the US:

  7. Fantastic game :) shame to see servers shut down but had to happen. Luckily got the plat on this and its my favourite game this gen. Will get to work on Dark Souls this summer.

    • Lemme know when you do, I need to revisit this soon and fancy putting together a magic character rather than a knuckle dragging smashy man so I’d be up for organising some co-op if ya fancy?

      • Suree thing. I am a knuckle dragging smashy man though ;)

      • add storm48 btw

      • gotta love whalloping stuff, I’ll add ya shortly mate

  8. Gutted :(

  9. Well, as Altus is the USA publisher and not the EU publisher it would probably be for US servers only. I hope Namco wil keep them running for the EU for a while.

    • An awful lot of Uk Demon’s Souls players (myself included) imported it as it looked for a long time like it wouldn’t get a UK release. Still, it worked out at about 20p an hour for one of the best gaming experiences this gen, so I certainly had my moneys worth :)

      • Agreed. I did the same.
        Plus the Deluxe Edition is worth a fair bit of moolah on ebay still too :)

  10. damn, my lovefilm sub runs out next month too. Guess I’ll just have to play demon souls instead of any of my rented titles in order to obtain that plat. This will be difficult.

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