Medal Of Honor Warfighter Gets A Gameplay Trailer

Looks like the world’s in a right pickle, judging by this first gameplay trailer of EA’s 2012 FPS. Thankfully, those Warfighters are on hand to fix everything.


It’s the last bit though, after all the gung-ho shouting and boat driving (nice waves, mind) – pre-order, do stuff in advance, sell your soul. Do that, and you can have exclusive rights to a gun or something for a couple of hours.

It’s the future.



  1. It looks pretty, but I feel like I’ve played it all before already. I didn’t see anything that I’ve not already seen or done in another FPS.

  2. Officially sick of, as you call them, “gung-ho shouting and boat driving” games. Personally I’m just going to stick with the Tom Clancy series from now on (Ghost Recon and Rainbow6) when I want my military-shooter fix as at least these have an element of strategy to them. *grumble grumble mumble mumble*

    • Rainbow six is the greatest! Vegas was the first game I ever played online and it still remains as the most fun I have ever had. Terrorist Hunt is the single greatest mode ever.

      • Awww yeah! :D I still remember Vegas and Gears of War 1 came out about a week apart from each other. So much online play hehe :D

  3. Pre-order for a 40 hour headstart… on yet another identi-kit FPS that hogs all the publisher’s money and the developer’s development time.

    What an absolute feckin farce gaming has become

    You did this, you!

    • They missed this really important bit off the end of the trailer for some reason.

    • To be fair the 12 year olds who have transformed the Call of Duty franchise into a foul-mouthed, noob tube wielding battleground are probably most at fault… and the dosey idiots who call themselves parents who buy the games for said 12 year olds.
      …and the French :)

  4. Looks like every single other FPS trailer, boring. THe pre-ordering stuff has become a joke too, only people with minds made of cheese would pre-order this off the back of the last one IMO.

    • What people don’t get though is that if they do pre-order it to get those 40hours with a special kind of virtual pants or whatever, then it rewards this kind of corporate behaviour so there will be more of it in future. It’s an absolute joke.

      • Fair enough if people want the game whatever, but like you said, they are only encouraging publishers to do more of this silly behaviour…I’m astonished in all honesty people would pre-order because of 40hours with virtual silky panties. Crazy.

  5. Heard a crazy rumour earlier that this was set to be a 3rd person shooter.

    Yeah, i didn’t believe it either.

  6. Loved the first MOH so will definately be buying this one. Not too fussed about the 40hour head start, but I don’t agree with publishers trying this shameful tactic for extra sales.

  7. Looks good :)

    • Indeed!

      Can’t see what all the negative fuss is about, if you don’t like military FPS or think they are becoming stale, don’t buy it. I like them and look forward to new ones, much like I’ve bought every FIFA for the last decade – something’s don’t get boring.

      Also, I wonder how much of these established “rinse and repeat” franchises actually help the same publishers develope new fresh IPs.

      • ….buy way of funding I mean. CoD, BF and MoH take loads of money.

      • “…if you don’t like military FPS or think they are becoming stale, don’t buy it.”

        Easy enough not to buy them I agree, but with the number of dev studios closing down and publishers backing fewer & fewer projects, stale military FPS dominate

        Yes, you’re right they’re money in the bank but what do shareholders want when they’ve got money in the bank? That’s right… more money in the bank.
        Why waste a few years making something new & creative which sells 500k copies or whatever when you can close down those studios and just projects like this identi-kit shit and sell 5m.

        Hopefully Indies or the creative Far East will rise again and fend off this horrific future I can see before it’s too late, although I fear it already is as the software declines year on year throughout this gen indicate console games at retail = about 10 franchises, that’s it.

      • I know what you’re saying but there’s is only 1 CoD per year which is not excessive in my opinion, and same with EA (seems to be either a MoH or BF). Something like HomeFront was a one-off trying to break the market, but admittedly they said they might carry in the franchise. Future Soldier looks to be more like Rainbow Six with more of a strategic and co-op emphasis.

        And like I said, who is to say the bread and butter of Activison and EA doesn’t help fund new IPs in the future. EA developed Mirrors Edge and Dead Space this generation. I’d be naive to think the funds from their respective military FPS directly fund other IPs/projects, but they are the same company so even if some money goes to other areas within the company I’d be happy.

        Also, I believe that if an indie developer has a good product it will shine and should get the sales it deserves. Every company starts from nothing.

        Although I buy CoD and BF I also buy plenty of different and new IPs. I could understand if FPS buyers only bought those games, but given the accessibility of PSN and XBL I should imagine most console owners have bought something to support the smaller developers at some stage.

      • lol I said two words, now I have massive comments to read. Im all for FPS’s like MoH. They are more gritty than COD which is something I like.

      • “Hopefully Indies or the creative Far East will rise again and fend off this horrific future”

        With you on that. I said it before. COD probably ruined a lot of games either because the devs tried to copy it instead of innovating or they shoehorned an unneccessary MP mode into the game because it’s the only thing people seem to be playing these days. I’m slightly exaggerating but you get the point.
        I want more “Bastion”s and less returning franchises that camp in the top 10 until the successor is released.

      • God wish bastion would come to the ps3.

  8. I’ll wait for a price drop… I’ll still probably be playing BF3 anyways.

  9. Will probably play like BF3 but not as good. Not to mention for me FPS’ are so boring now I just cant justify buying another one. Shogun 2 still has me hooked!

  10. Looks pretty but who cares, it’s all been done before.”Looks like the world’s in a right pickle” – that’s how every news at 10 bulletin should start.

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