PS Vita Firmware 1.67 Appears, Doesn’t Do Much

You know what I was just wondering? When the next PS Vita firmware was going to be. I mean, it’s been a couple of days since the last two, right, so we’re due for another.

What does it do? Lets you play PS2 games on your Vita? No. PS1 games? No. What about those PSP games like PixelJunk Monsters? No.


It fixes a bug with the camera in Dream Club Zero Portable.




  1. What about PS3 players seeing Vita players on the friends list? No!

    • I thought this already worked. I’m sure when I log into PSN on Vita my PS3 friends see me as online. Works the other way round as well I thought?

      • Nope! Vita people can see PS3 friends online but PS3 people can’t see Vita people online!

      • u must have a rare ps vita, cause as far as am aware no one on friendlist on the ps3 can see the person on the vita online just the vita can see who is online on ps3

      • I thought PS3 players could see Vita ones. I got an invite from a friend to join a PS3 game they were playing when I was on the Vita and my PS3 was switched off.

  2. So that’s why they call you no!fi.

  3. What about SKYPE? No.

    • Well hopefully 1.70 will do a bit more.

      • Was not meant to be a reply. But anyway Skype should not need a firmware update and should just be released on the store.

  4. Are they purposely trying to wind us up? I hope that whoever came up with this firmware update eats some bad sushi

  5. Am I missing something?nshould this not be a game patch, rather than a firmware update?

  6. I really want a vita but i’m not taking the plunge until it plays my ps1 games and my psp games that iv’e bought from psn. so far, it plays none of my 11 ps1 games and only 2 of the 9 psp games that i own. Thats rubbish. Also where the hell has motorstorm arctic edge gone??? i paid for it last year and its gone from my download list with no explanation from sony. They should put it back on or refund my account.

  7. Im wodering if all this firmware updating is kind of like Apple do with their phones. A regular release of firmware to remove any hacking/jailbreaking/modifying but fixing/adding tiny things as they go. It works for Apple.

    • That’s my thoughts on this too.

      Although Sony usually no problem simply issuing a security update on PS3…

      Maybe they don’t want headlines with ‘Vita’ and ‘Security issues’ just yet, even if they’re making it more secure…

  8. the last firmware corrected the minis thing, except for Hungry Giraffe. I miss my acid tripping giraffe :/

  9. anyone know if theres a work around for the inability to save with street fighter alpha 3 max for psp on my vita, its really hacking me off now.

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