Sound Shapes Gets Deadmau5 “Record” (PS Vita)

You can keep your fancy 3D polygons and massively multiplayer nonsense, it’s all about Sound Shapes for me, and although I’m hardly the biggest fan of deadmau5, his trademark noises sound perfect for the game.

The game won’t be using deadmau5’s standard album tracks, though (good) – the PS Blog says that “the game’s interactive soundtrack synthesizes with your platforming progress” and so the sounds and loops are used to build up a track in special dedicated levels, called “records”.

Sound Shapes has always been of great interest to me, I’m keen to see who else they’ve picked up along the way.


  1. Hmm will this be a psn or a retail game?

    • Well last was a PSN game so I guess its the same place.

  2. Psn game surely….

  3. can’t wait, thier previous game Everyday Shooter is a tough ol’ nut but I love it. This has been on my radar since the Vita was announced.

  4. I hope its out soon, looks wonderful.

  5. Liking the art style

  6. they best put some hip hop on there

  7. I totally don’t get it, looks like a 1980s platformer with a poor soundtrack to me!

  8. that was mental on my buy list.

  9. Not sure about this. I like the idea but it might be a little too retro just for the sake of it. I guess it will come down to how they price it.

    • Same here. When it comes to Vita game price is a big factor for me.

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