Sound Shapes Receives Free DLC Update

Sound Shapes will be getting some new DLC this week with some new Milkcrate content which will include five albums, each having been created by either Shuhei Yoshida, Scott Rhode, Sony Santa Monica, Queasy Games, or contest winners. These will be free to download.

In addition to the new albums there will be two new sound packs, Vocoder and Old School, and the game’s first art pack called City, which will allow players to create new environments, though these will cost. In the US the price is $.99, so expect a similar small price here.

There was also information on the PS4 version of the game announced including support for the touchpad, lightbar and speakers, as well as Share functionality allowing live streaming of the game, and also to share videos. The game is cross buy and if you already own it on PS3/Vita it will be available to download on PS4.

Source: PS Blog


  1. Haven’t really played this after my second play through, but it’s a great game and free dlc is always welcome :) looking forward to trying the ps4 version too.

  2. Are there new trophies to go with this?

  3. Am I right in thinking that this (Sound Shapes) was free with Plus a wee while back? Not able to get to my PS3 or I would check myself.

  4. Wow so thats another platinum trophy for only playing the game once through. Im guessing they will pop up just like they did on my ps3 when I completed them on my vita.

  5. SoundShapes is a neat little game, i’m looking forward to playing it again on PS4.

  6. Just tried the Demo. I like it. I might have to purchase this…

  7. Loved this on Vita and can’t wait to take another run at it on PS4, especially with new sounds to use on the creator!

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