Super Mario Wii U Confirmed

Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed the existence of a Super Mario game for the Wii U and it is to be officially revealed at E3.

The news comes from an interview with Spanish site El Mundo, in which the legendary developer spoke about the future of Nintendo, how he is trying to prepare the company for his retirement and the Wii U.


Last week a domain for Super Mario 4 was registered, so this could be the same title that will be shown at E3.

Miyamoto also spoke about how he is working hard on both Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Pikmin 3, though he didn’t say if those would also make an appearance at E3.

Source: MCVUK



  1. Kind of inevitable.
    Look forward to seeing what they do this time though :)

  2. Next you’ll be telling me there is to be a Zelda game on Wii U

    • I bet they’ll stop the Mario Kart franchise though. No more Mario Kart. Ever.

      And those silly Sport & Fitness games! Pah, we’re done with those, really!

    • Honesty I don’t see why they couldn’t make it a deep rpg like racing sim or even Need for Speed: Underground, Mario kart will be changed… Forever.

  3. Jokes aside, will be interesting to see the new gameplay they bring.

  4. This is a no brainer but it’s nice to know that we will definitely see some footage of the game in June. I’m very curious about the graphical direction they are going with.

  5. I would’ve never expected that.

  6. Well.. its kind of predictable to be honest, lol. This will be excellent for the Wii U and I’m sure it could make it sell if priced right at launch (plz rename the U though Ninty)

  7. I didn’t see this coming. I knew that the 3DS had a Mario game, and the Wii had a Mario game before it, then the Gamecube,then the 64, then the SNES, then the NES but i really didn’t see this coming.(Sarcasm).

    I think every gamer saw this coming. Ninty is a bit predictable when it comes to day 1 lineups. I would have been surprised if Ninty annouced Super Mario of War and honour.*mushrooms will be released as DLC for £7*

  8. Wonder whether Mario will look realistic? you never know…..

  9. Didn’t they say in an interview that they wanted to be known as a serious gaming platform and not known for shovelware? It’ll be good but they are targeting the same market and helping to destroy the gaming industry. Ninty need to start pushing games as original as the consoles they make.

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