PS Vita Gets Paint Games

PlayStation Vita is getting a sketch pad app in the shape of ‘Paint Park’. Using the touchscreen, you can sketch and paint and also use the cameras to import pictures.

Apparently the experience can be ‘socially rewarding’ (cringe) as artists can share their work and compete with up to five friends in the multiplayer via Ad Hoc mode.


Possibly of more interest will be ‘Treasure Park,’ arriving this summer. This will allow Vita owners to create puzzles and challenge their friends to guess the answer.

We did not ask Sony if they were inspired by any other games but if we did insist on Something like that I’m sure they would not be Drawn to an answer.

Both of the applications will be free and will be joined by the rather bizarre ‘Wake Up Club’. 

‘This application turns your PS Vita into an alarm clock that can sync up with other PS Vita users who set their alarm for the same time’ say Sony. ‘And the point of that is..?’ asks everyone else.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. This application turns your PS Vita into an alarm clock that can sync up with other PS Vita users who set their alarm for the same time’ say Sony.‘


    • But what exactly does that do?
      Tell me I’m lazier than another person?

      • You’ve never wanted to know what time other PSN users get up at? Weird.

    • It takes a photo when the alarm goes off of your horrible, surprised and tired morning face and sends it to everyone else whose alarm goes off at that time.

      • That should wake them up pretty fast! :)

      • That’s not even a bad idea :)

  2. FREE! NO ADVERTS! Just watch everyone complain……

  3. I want a Draw Something app now … Will be awesome if/when the Vita has ‘apps’

    • Nah Draw Something is dead boring. Was fun for a few weeks.

      • The devs are sell outs and mean.

        *folds arms in disgust*

  4. Should keep my 7 year old niece happy the next time I’m looking after her.

  5. Yay! the Vita was really missing this like the 3DS has gota painting thing but the alarm app is weird, lol.

    Maybe Treasure Park tasks the player in finding booty in the city like in Belfast you go to a certain landmark… a fish? only but to be mugged by a catholic or Protestant yob, oh dear.

  6. Finally a alarm app.

  7. this sucks no 3G support only ad hoc, wanted something like ‘draw something’

    • Could work in Adhoc Party, but still awkward.

  8. Very subtle hints in the article towards another game lol. Anything is better than nothing I suppose. It’s not like we’re getting loads of Vita news at the moment

    • See this is true, I’m kinda glad I held off getting one now as its looking suspiciously like it could flop.

      • Hey! Don’t try and make me regret my purchase

  9. Seems gimmicky, but hey, free stuff i can play around with for a few minutes. I actually enjoy the games enough on the PS Vita to not need these though.

  10. that first picture just reminds me of that south park ep where Cartman made a sort of J’Lo puppet with his hand and it became more popular than the real one, i think affleck started dating it at one point.

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