Treasure Park Hits PS Vita Today, For Free

SCEE will be releasing the quirky puzzler Treasure Park today on PS Vita, for free. The game is an attractive, Near-powered brain teaser where you create puzzles with traps and treasure for others to enjoy once they pick up your challenge and download it.


Hopefully it’ll come with some instructions for Near…



  1. I’ve yet to meet another person with a Vita, and has never gotten to use Near for what it’s worth so I guess it’s not for me. Outside the cities, Near is pointless.

    • But it also picks up things from your PSN friends, local or not. So if you get some PSN friends with Vitas, it may be for you :)

      • Hmm, I didn’t know that. Thanks, might try it out now!

  2. Should be worth a go! Lets hope it’s easier to use via Near than UC:GA Black Market was.

  3. Had Vita since launch but still not got the hang of Near.

  4. Looks strange. Going to give it a go though. As for Near, still not figured out how to delete unwanted downloaded gifts.

  5. From what i can see in the video it reminds me a little of Minesweeper, hopefully it’s a bit more than that though.

  6. This could be a great replacement for TOM:Blitz, getting a bit bored of that now.

  7. I love near, I’m good friends with my neighbour’s wife ;) u know were there is bees there is honeys know what am saying lol

    But besides me & my neighbour wife group chatting at night privately. I made a few more friends around my area over 20+ always on near

  8. Sony are really loving the social apps/games on the Vita. Wonder what happened to [email protected]?

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