Some Screens From Resistance: Burning Skies

The Vita’s launch line up was fantastic but there’s no denying that things have slowed since then. Perhaps getting so much out to support its launch has meant that there wasn’t much left to release in the following months.

That’s all about to change though, with Resistance: Burning Skies due in just over a month, just a couple of weeks before the western release of Gravity Rush. The Vita’s first big FPS will set the bar for others coming in its wake and, if these new screens are anything to go by, it’ll be a fairly high bar.



  1. So the last 4 screens are what it should look like but its ended up looking pretty shite like the rest of the screens?

  2. Can’t wait for some FPS action on my Vita!

  3. Good god that resolution in all but the last four screens is appalling – are these from a movie or something, they’re horrible. Sick of sub-res Vita games, wave two shouldn’t really be suffering from the same rushed dev.

    Last four look great though.

    • Well these are zoomed in images. If you zoomed in on Uncharted Golden Abyss images, they would look pretty jaggy as well (you don’t even have to zoom on some of them).

    • I assume that’s because it’s in multiplayer besides the good screens?

      • Ah no, just saw the chimera hand. Ah well!

  4. Will be interesting to see how this was does in terms of sales given the Resistance series isn’t exactly very popular. Then again this is the Vita’s first FPS so that might be enough to draw some people in.

    • must have made money they would not make 3 games for PS3 without profit plus the PSP.

  5. Any screen with an alpha effect, namely images 1-7 looks like ass. Doesn’t seem like the Vita can handle smoke et al very well. In fact, switch between 7 and 8, the LOD changes entirely, especially in the environments. The first 7 are the only ones with a HUD too. Definitely some trickery going on in the last few.

    Remaining sceptical about this. I know certain Vita games don’t show up well on a computer screen, but sill…

  6. Is anybody else thinking this was going to a PSP game but it’s upgraded (a bit)

  7. The last four screens were labelled as “hi_res_no_UI” so I assume they’re renders, rather than actual off-device screens?

    For what it’s worth, I thought this looked okay – given that all Vita screens look a bit rough and generally fare much better in motion.

    • No, the first seven look terrible. Low res, blocky, crappy textures etc. Hopefully old code.

  8. Yeah, the last 4 pics look like a different game compared to the rest – In fact the rest kinda remind me of Doom (the first one) with all the jaggies etc.

  9. The last 4 are surely a different game.
    I’ll be picking this one up though, it’ll do me for my trip to Poland.

  10. Think I like this…

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