Assassin’s Creed III Special Edition Is A GAME Exclusive

Recently saved GAME will be the only UK retailer to get the Special Edition of Assassin’s Creed III, it has been confirmed.

The newly named Assassin’s Creed III GAME exclusive edition will feature an exclusive in-game campaign mission “A Dangerous Secret”, with your reward on completion being a spiffy flintlock musket weapon.


What hasn’t been made clear, however, is what stores will be offering the other two Collectors’ Editions that Ubisoft has previously announced. The Join Or Die Edition offers a different exclusive mission, plus medallion and George Washington’s notebook, whereas the Freedom Edition has more bells and whistles than you can shake a Tomahawk at.

Source: GAME



  1. Not sure how to react. It’s nice that a competitor’s on the up again, but I’ve never liked GAME and their incessant ability to price games over everyone else…

  2. I cant justify killing my fellow Englishmen so I wont be buying ACIII. Also it plays like shit on a keyboard and mouse and ubisoft always fuck over us PC gamers.

    • I’m going to play the half-Irish card, so I’m cool with it :P

      • I’m half Guyanese myself still cant justify it ;).

    • The game should be great! The Brits are back! Lol. Good thing you aren’t American – you wouldn’t be able to play GTA etc :p

      • I fear saying something politically incorrect here… So ill leave it at that ;)

      • I’m intrigued, Burgess.

        You are a tease ;)

    • That’s a really interesting point Burgess and got me thinking :)

      They’re not people, they’re pixels and we all know this as demonstrated by our willingness to shoot/punch/stab/explode any “human” in any game. I’d imagine nearly everyone in here would never dream of hurting a real person apart from in extremis, but we’ll all have shot thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, if not millions of little computer people over our gaming careers.

      For me, I play games for escapism and the opportunity to do the things we can’t or won’t do in the real world, be that piloting an anti-grav racer, felling a colossi or shooting people.

      I assure you I’m not disagreeing with your stance or placing greater value on your or my opinions on this, they’re just different, you just got me wondering “what makes one digital representation of a human fair game over another?” Might be an interesting topic for an article.

      • I thought that said ‘feeling a collosi’ then – I thought you were playing shadow of the colossus all wrong! :)

      • Now there’s a mental image LOL, “Shadow Of The Colossus: Tiny Sexual Attacker Edition” I shoulda put colossus too, not colossi – oops

      • Im with jikomanzoku all the way.
        As a German/American I’d be pretty screwed if I put any value on the fictional heritage of the digital representation of humans in a video game.
        I really don’t understand why anyone would care about the nationality of fictional characters in games. That doesn’t mean I can’t respect that descission.

      • To be honest its more like this for me. Its just I find Assassins Creed boring now and was contemplating buying the third one but then I found out it was the revolution. Now I personally dont find that part of history interesting to myself. Coupled together with the fact like I said Ubisoft screw over the PC crowd all the time. Then put killing (albeit virtual representations) of my fellow countrymen and the pot boils over for myself. To summarise my reasons for not wanting ACIII are as follows ( in order of importance):

        1. Previous instalments bored me.
        2. Part of history doesn’t interest me (Middle East did in the first game as my family is from around there not so much with ACII
        3.Ubisoft screw PC gamers over.
        4.Having to kill my countrymen.

        Hopefully I dont come across as a massive right wing lunatic ;)

      • Cool, and no, don’t worry, that doesn’t come across as right wing lunacy mate :)

        Certainly agree about Ubi’s treatment of PC gamers (which is awfully shoddy) and the assessment of the previous titles too (zzzZZzzzz) mate.

  3. Since there seems to be different DLC for each edition, it’s inevitable that they will all be available to buy separately. Takes the shine off announcing yet another edition.

    • I was thinking a future “complete” edition of the game (be it goty or whatever), only then would I bother to buy it.

    • I couldn’t agree more – and I’ve been stung before when I’ve paid extra for “exclusive” pre-order DLC, then it just gets released later on (and usually when you can buy the game at a lower price too). Therefore this edition is pretty meaningless, and also looks inferior to the “Join of Die Collectors Edition” anyway.

  4. Already got my Freedom Edition ordered.

  5. Really want the Freedom Ed, will see nearer the time how much money I have.

  6. a nice thing for ubisoft to be doing when game are (still) in a bad situation. Nice to see some help being handed out.

    • maybe, but i doubt they’re doing it for free.

  7. Ordered the freedom edition from my local Gamestop. Has a weakness for AC CE’s :)

    Got the AC2 Black Edition with Eizo figurine, AC:B Collectors Edition with Doctor Jack in the box and AC:R Animus Edition, plus an extra Ezio AC:R figurine. I should really get hold of an Altair figurine, now that AC3 Freedom Edition has a figurine of Connor.

    Actually I’m browing right now.

    • Got them all too, even have the AC II White Edition on 360 too :p My AC:B CE and Revelations Animus Edition is still sealed. I’m so sad :p

      • Woav still sealed, impressive! :) I’ve never been managed to keep my CE’s sealed, but I don’t collect because of their exclusivity, but because of their content, got two shelf’s with game figurines :)

  8. One extreme to the other…

  9. This actually looks good tbh. Never got into AC2.

  10. it used to be you wouldn’t get the full game if you bought preowned, now you won’t get it even if you buy new.
    unless you buy copies from three or four different retailers.

    • Never thought of it quite like that. It’s getting silly now. Not looking forward to next gen.

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