Dragon’s Dogma Is Big

The demo for Dragon’s Dogma is now available on the Xbox Marketplace now, and will be on the PSN tomorrow. The problem? It’s a rather large 1.5 GB.

That aside, if you have the space it may be recommended to download it. OPM has put some pretty interesting videos together for our enjoyment, and although the game doesn’t look like it will set the RPG scene on fire, it does look like a pretty decent title. You can read our preview of it here.


Personally, I’m avoiding this one. Have far too many games just now that I’m just not playing due to my unhealthy obsession with the Vita.

The game will be hitting our shores on the 25th of May so plenty of time to download the demo, even on dial-up.

Source: OPM.



  1. Reminds me, does anyone know if there is a co-op system, or does the multiplayer only go as far just the renting out pawns to other players?

    • As far as I have seen, the pawns are just copies of other players characters. There is no actual co-op in the traditional sense but I might be wrong.

      • It does look like it would be awesome with co-op and i think a lot more games should be, but I don’t think it has it :/.

        Apart from that I had ignored this game until now, but I’m jumping on my 360 to get the demo now.

  2. It would be a shame if it wasnt, i know not every game has to have co-op but theres not many games that are less fun when you play them with a friend.

  3. Pretty sure what kjkg said is right. No co-op.

  4. Not so bad

  5. Will give the demo a go on my us account tonight but wont be buying this day one due to max payne 3.

  6. Will probably stick Dragons Dogma on my Lovefilm list to play the RE6 demo then I’ll send it back. Looks like a Skyrim knock off and I found Skyrim buggy and boring.

  7. it’s not showing up for me.
    do they not even list new demos for silvers now?

    • Demos come one week later for silvers. It has been this way for a while now.

      • i know you can’t download them for a week, but they still showed up.

        i know i wouldn’t be able to download it anyway, it’s just irritating.
        i mean, what other content are they not showing silver users?

        anyway, i downloaded the ps3 demo off the us store this morning.
        pretty fun game i thought, if capcom don’t pull one of their dick moves, though fat chance of that lately, then i could see me buying this.

  8. Just finished both modes on the demo, really liked it, found it much more fun than the game I’m currently playing, Kingdoms of Amalur.
    Only thing was that you can’t play a magic class in the demo and that’s what I wanted to play as.

  9. Looking forward to this, although with ghost recon and max Payne coming out I may need to sell another kidney.

  10. Yeah, another game that looks really good.
    That I don’t have the funds for or the time to play.
    A lottery win or broken leg would be good about now :P

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