Vita Gets Skype Tomorrow

The EU PS3 blog has just announced that the Vita will be getting Skype tomorrow. For those of you who have lived in a cave since 2003, Skype is an application that allows you to utilize Voice-over-internet service which lets you to make free calls to other Skype users….but seriously, who didn’t know that?

The EU blog has also posted up a video by a “friend” showcasing all the handy features the app will bring with it.


Take a look.

Source: EU PS3 Blog.



  1. Facetime :)

  2. maybe the next time they announce something for the Vita it will be a game?

    • They have games?

    • That’s crazy talk! The Vita isn’t designed for playing games ya big kidder!

      • what is this bloke on?

      • Sorry, just poking fun at the fact the Vita doesn’t have many noteworthy titles yet, especially since launch :P

      • What? You mean 3 games aren’t enough for you people?? Christ, it’s all want, want, want isn’t it? :P

      • What about Rayman Origins? Super Stardust? Uncharted?

      • “Rayman Origins? Super Stardust? Uncharted?”
        Good games sure (though only Uncharted is a strictly new game), but these were all launch titles.
        Since then? A release of Mortal Kombat which has been on other consoles for months and a Resistance game with shoddy visuals.
        It’s the PSP/Eyetoy/Move all over again. Cool tech, no after launch support (aside from some pointless apps this time around)

      • Only Resistance, Gravity Rush, Lego Batman and Mortal Kombat coming in the next 6 weeks, isn’t it? Right on the back of Disgaea too.
        What titles of comparable size do home consoles have very soon? Not many more, I’m sure.
        Max Payne, Game of Thrones, Ghost Recon, Starhawk, Sorcery, Prototype, Lego Batman and Dragon’s Dogma.

        You’d think it’d be a much bigger difference than 4 games if the Vita situation was so bad, only a few months after it launched worldwide too.

      • maybe its a test case for the psp2…

      • Sorry to be pedantic, but I think the Vita is also getting the new lego game :P

      • he moans every time something Vita is said he called it a dust collector after 5 mins of being out.

    • Have you played all of forty two games that are already availble ( No? Then shush.

  3. Sweet, now YouTube app,

    • Yes and make it integrate with the browser.

      • A decent browser that integrates with the browser would be nice ;-)

  4. This looks fantastic! I had no idea it would be implemented so well. I can see me using this quite a lot now that I’ve seen how it works.
    Well done to the Skype team/Sony for actually making an effort with this! If only Facebook would share similar thoughts…

  5. Looks really good!

    • Thanks, I brushed my hair specially for you… :X

      • I bet you say that to all the boys ;)

      • Hint of jealousy there Youles?

      • Maybe…..But I bet none of the other boys set such competitive times on MRC? ;)

      • No arguing with that!

  6. “Profesional [sic] Gamer”.

  7. Soooo no group chatting on Skype?

  8. Now all it needs is a useable browser. (why a browser that works isn’t priority in this day and age is beyond me)

    • Browser is usable, just not as good as other mobile browsers.
      Works fine if I want to check something and I’ve got the Vita on me though.
      Not as good as my Nokia N8 though.
      And not a patch on the iPad, but then that’s a tablet, so probably an unfair comparison.

      • Yh but I’m sure the vitas specs are more than enough to handle whatever the iPad can put out. They should really make it a priority. Sony Ericsson phones browsers are better than the vita??

      • What I mean is the screen size is going to make the browser worse than iPad no matter what.
        Phone browsers ARE better, but let’s be honest, they’re still shit too.
        iPad’s browser is the best mobile browser, and it still isn’t a patch on a laptop.

  9. That actually looks pretty good and well made. Now bring on the Youtube app :P

  10. That looks pretty good even though it’s something i might not personally use very often.

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