Here’s the Walking Dead Episode 1 Launch Trailer

The Walking Dead: a comic book, a TV show and now a videogame. Made by Telltale Games, with Gary Whitta (Book of Eli) overseeing the narrative, it’s an episodic, emotionally charged adventure game.

The first episode launched on the US PS Store yesterday, with PC/Mac versions available too and an XBLA version on the way. We’re expecting to see it in today’s European PS Store update, as promised on the PS EU Blog on Monday.



  1. This looks great, I love the art-style. What an update today, this, FIFA DLC and Skype for Vita…and those are only the things I know about!

  2. I’m a big fan of the Walking Dead series. This looks really good and as Youles said above “…love the art style”.

    • Sometimes developers try too hard with the graphics and they don’t look all that – it just proves that a different style, or a more simple approach can be just as attractive and effective. I purchased Costume Quest, Borderlands and XIII all based on their art-styles. I was also tempted to buy The Darkness II however have too many games. But I’ll defo buy Ni No Kuni, that game looks incredible! Fortunately for me, looks aren’t everything though ;)

      • Loved Borderlands and XIII, and just completed Costume Quest.
        Will have to look at Ni No Kuni by the sounds of it!!

      • It looks incredible and will be getting an EU release!

        The Darkness II demo is also worth a go, even just to appreciate the art-style.

  3. Considering Jurassic Park was awful, I really have no interest in this. Also I know they lack but why are they even adventure games? Is it soo much of a risk to actually make a survival horror (or whatever Walking dead is) out of these franchises!?

  4. I’m still hoping that this’ll turn out good. It certainly looks it, but I’ve been fooled one time to many in the past.

  5. Love the graphic novels, especially the highly detailed art style used initially (think that artist died though – the selfish git!).

    Very lukewarm about the TV show and lost interest 3 episodes into season 2 but certainly interested as to how this plays and am eager to read a review.

    I really hated Book of Eli, to my mind, it was a pointless, shallow film after The Road, so I’m hoping Whitta does a much better job here – fingers crossed.

    • After the 3rd episode of season 2 it actually picked up pace (and some shockers) can’t wait for season 3.

      • Thanks for the headsup, I’ll catch up and give it a second chance as I think I still have all the episodes. Appreciate that as I really wanted to love it after the Graphic novels.

    • Same here, lost interest a few episodes into second season and i haven’t warmed to the Telltale series of games either. But i played the demo of this last night and i actually found it quite good. From the brief demo i think this might be one of their better efforts.

      • Definitely agree 100%, I really enjoyed the demo and my GF absolutely adored it. Tempted to take a punt and get the season pass should the reviews of Ep1 prove positive.

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