Just What We Needed: More Xbox 360 Adverts

The latest Xbox 360 user interface is a messy insult to gamers. It buries your games, pushes premium services and, if you’re connected to Live, flashes adverts at you for some of the silliest things. I’ve stopped buying Lynx deodorant in protest.

Well now, according to a report on Gamasutra, Microsoft has signed a deal that will see its ad partners increase in number and the adverts on its media streaming applications increase in frequency.


The “TV-like” ad spots will involve 15-30 second adverts, presumably unskippable, which roll on applications like their US Sports app ESPN, music streaming app Last.FM and music video app Muzo.TV. Still, at least we don’t already pay for those apps on Xbox Live through our Gold subscriptions… Oh.

Source: Gamasutra



  1. *chuckles* Poor Xboxers.

    • I have no sympathy for those who choose to own an xbox, and although that sounds rather fan-boy’ish I dont care lol

  2. …but they pay subs?

    • ^^This. Irritating that paid subscribers have to put up with ads.

  3. And to think some PS3 owners moaned about the addition of a couple of extra Store icons to the XMB…

    • yeah, to be fair, just because the PS3’s egregious ad pushing is less egregious than the 360’s, that doesn’t make it “right”. Just less of a fecking liberty.

      • At least with the PS3 you have the option to turn it off, having it go to the game section when turned on instead of What’s New. (I’m 99% sure the 360 doesn’t but I don’t own one, and may be wrong)

  4. how annoying, glad I don’t have a xbox, I love my ps3

  5. ruddy hell, ridiculous. This is a reason I stay with Sony, so I don’t get all the extra crap xbox gamers get. Especially when you pay them to use the network anyway.

    • That’s the travesty of it all – You would expect to be able to mould the service the way you wanted to if you are forced to pay for it, not have adverts thrusted down your throat until you gag.

      • ” thrusted down your throat until you gag” ……… lol!

  6. It’s not like people buy the 360 just to play games oh wait, yes they do so what the hell are MS playing at?

    This is basically telling everyone to feck off. It must be a bloody nightmare to play a game that is known to crash as it probably would take 3 minutes to boot the fecker up again.

    Whatever happened to User Friendly Interface, MS? That should be the number 1 on your list not shove a bunch of adverts down people’s throat and force them to pay for it.

    I would understand if it was the Silver accounts that had to put up with the ads as MS may use the funds from the ads to fund silver but Gold? Which is funded by the people who pay for it. I think.

    I don’t get it, PSN, which is a free service has little to no ads and Xbl which is not free has a crap ton of ads if you connect to it. MS, you are doing it wrong.

    Looks like the 360 is now on my never to get out of protest list. And if they keep this crap up, they will be fecked next generation as noone wants to buy a console that consists of 99% of adverts and 1% of the intended functions.

    If MS needs the extra cash so badly, how about, getting some new IPs? Bit of a risk but it would pay off if it’s good.

    • “Looks like the 360 is now on my never to get out of protest list”

      Or you could get one & never connect it online out of protest. That way, it would just be about the games. :)

      • True but then i would be too tempted to play Halo with a few TSAers and to annoy Kris by teabagging.(I’ll send him a photo of a teabag, that is what they mean by Teabagging right? :p) And to get a few indie games.

      • Don’t you already send those kind of pictures? :P

  7. “Live ad network, now with the occasional game.” Describes it perfectly

  8. And this is why i’ll never own an Xbox 360.

    • Same if I pay to play I’d at least want the advertisements to be removed.

  9. Thank goodness I don’t have an Xbox. I can’t remember ever seeing an advert on the Playstation, apart from a few small panels highlighting the latest games on the PSN.

    It sounds rather ridiculous that a business model should have millions of people paying a premium for a service and then to be bombarded with adverts on top. Ridiculous. I’m off to go and watch Sky Sports for a while…
    [talking of Sky Sports, I’d like to thank them for introducing the new ’24 hour Insomnia Cure’ channel under the banner ‘Sky Sports F1’. Zzzzz]

    • I recall a Lynx promotion that was on PSN for a little bit recently, but that’s the point – It’s not so ‘in yer face’ so that you only just about notice it if not interested & it’s there to look into if you are.

      I am in no way a fanboy, but if you were to compare the two services in terms of advertisements, given what I know/have heard, Sony would come out on top every time as far as I am concerned.

  10. “If you work in advertising, kill yourself”. – B. Hicks

    • A job in advertising can be both appealing and rewarding.

      • I’m sure it can, but not to me, it doesn’t sit well with my ethics or social ideals. To my mind it’s simply legalised, insidious lying and the creation of a need where there is none.

        To give some perspective to my opinion, I don’t actually wish harm on other humans – it’s just a funny quote.

        Personally, I don’t watch live TV, or listen to commercial radio, I don’t tolerate telesales calls and I cancelled my gold sub after the redesign of the UI – I won’t pay for the privilege of having my home invaded by unwanted sales people. I really, Really resent advertising and love the licence fee as it keeps the BBC free of advertising.

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