Timesplitters 4 Rumours Again

So it’s been a while since we had news about Timesplitters 4, let’s jump back on that bandwagon again. More rumours are flying around the internet today of the long awaited 4th venture into a monkey and melon infested world.

Now, this is where it gets confusing. CVG are running a story today saying that OXM sources have seen a playable version of the game. After a quick scout over at OXM, I saw nothing to support this claim but that doesn’t prove nor disprove anything, they might be holding it back for a massive exclusive splash in their magazine. Just keep it in mind.


Also, a playable version of the game means nothing. The Avengers had a playable version and was canned so don’t treat this as concrete. Still, Timesplitters 4 would be awesome wouldn’t it?

Source: CVG.



  1. Yep.

    • Nope.

      • Maybe.

      • Not sure

      • I don’t know… can you repeat the question?

      • You can ask the commentors, or phone a friend. Or ask mr flibbles. I will warn you, flibbles is a foul mouthed person. :P

      • You’re not the boss of me now, and you’re not so big.

    • I agree with you all.

  2. As soon as I heard that parts of this week’s GTTV was filmed in the UK, I was praying for a PS3-exclusive TimeSplitters 4 from Crytek UK to be the reveal.

  3. Timesplitters 2 was my favourite so hopefully it’ll be more like that than the third game.

  4. They may have aged terribly but I loved the Timesplitters games :) Would almost certainly buy part4 if it ever comes out.

  5. Timesplitters had awesome split-screen, looking forward to this if it’s true.

  6. Loved Timesplitters. All of them. Though I’m not sure how a new instalment would actually play out.

  7. I thought this would have been a PS exclusive but still, sounds great, loved time splitters 2.

    • Well, Haze didn’t work too well as a PS3 exclusive… Saying that, the game WAS universally panned but another console still would’ve helped.

      Anyway, sorry to bring up Haze, bring on TS4!

  8. this would be awesome, even if they released a HD triple pack i would be well chuffed, loved the level making tool of timesplitters

    • The hd idea is an absolute must….

    • I don’t understand why they’ll need to re-release them again, FFS.. make a sequel good as the first Timespilters rather than to dehydrate an already dying market poised to crash.

  9. I would LOVE a TS4 :P But they will only f**k it up i bet :-/ They would drop the 4 player split-screen mode with Bots & make it online only multi-player, Zzzzzzzzz :-/ (i can’t think of one FPS this Gen that has 4 player split-screen mode with Bots? ? ?) :-(

    So saying that i would rather have a ‘TimeSplitters HD Trilogy’
    of the 3 classic PS2 games(with Trophies) really! :-P :-P :-P

    • thats a very very good point, I think I agree with you

    • I’m in agreement too. I love online multiplayer, but I remember Timesplitters being 4 screen local play with bots (online optional).
      HD trilogy.. Now you’re talking!

  10. Getting ready for PS4 release, just like the PS2 ?

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