Update Your 3DS Now

The System Update for the Nintendo 3DS is available now. The new operating system is the one announced at the Nintendo Direct broadcast this past weekend.

3DS owners will now be able to organise their many scattered home screen icons into handy folders with up to 60 items in each. There’s also a new layout to the eShop, with a useful new recommendation system in place.


Perhaps most importantly, this update will allow for future support of downloadable game patches to update games. The first of those is due in a few weeks and will correct an exploit on Mario Kart 7’s Maka Wuhu course that allowed for a glitched shortcut to be used.

Source: Nintendo World Report



  1. It’s about time for the game patches! The folders will come in useful to declutter the home screen

  2. Not sure how I feel about this. Folders will be handy and having MK7 patched will be nice but it opens the floodgates for devs to release un-finished, buggy games from now on, like they do on the 360,PS3. I kind of like currently being able to buy a new 3DS game and start playing it, without worrying about downloading day-one patches, redeeming online passes and all that other rubbish

  3. Folders will be handy….. i hope you’re taking notes Sony.. :)

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