First Signs Of PS1 Classics Working On PS Vita

We should never really have had to wait for this feature. Sony being Sony, though, PS1 Classics haven’t been functional on the PS Vita in the months since its launch. We have been promised the feature, with Sony indicating that they were focussed instead on making sure the PSP back catalogue and more of the Minis library were fully functional.

That makes a certain degree of sense – ensure the more popular, more modern content works first and then add the older, niche stuff. Still, people have been crying out for this function since they first realised it was missing.


Now it seems to be getting closer. Users over on NeoGAF have noted a PS1 game’s appearance on the Vita store and screen grabbed a few images. What is this highly anticipated first game to indicate PS1 Classics compatibility? You might expect it to be Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy VII? No, it’s Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

The game doesn’t actually work yet but it’s there on the store, can be installed on the PS Vita and only ceases to function when you try to run it from its little install bubble. Surely this is an indication that we’re not too far away now?

Source: Reddit via NeoGAF



  1. I hope its soon.. like before June.


  2. This is either positive news that PS1 classics are near or they made a mistake and this just wasn’t supposed to appear on the PS Vita section of the store. I’m hoping it’s the former

  3. the background looks like the PS1 disc loader.

    • I never noticed that until you mentioned it. That convinces me more that it wasn’t a mistake since it has it’s own screen

    • Nice catch :)

  4. FFVII is the only PS1 game I’d play on the Vita, and only then until a bespoke Vita RPG is released.

    • That’s the first thing I’ll download when they make it compatible. Long RPGs are perfect for the Vita with its pick up and play sleep functionality.

      • FF8 for me but you are right. The vita is made for it.

    • I’m waiting to play my PS+ freebie FFV.

    • I bought Tactics, V, VIII and IX in the Final Fantasy Sale recently (had already downloaded VII and have VI on PS1 disc) and I’m waiting to transfer them over to my Vita (well, Tactics is already there, but you know what I mean).

      Also, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Crash, etc.

      And would they ever hurry up and release Spyro? Please?

  5. Buzz lightyear?? lol.

  6. I guess they’re already testing this stuff internally. They also did the right thing in focusing on PSP compatibility.

  7. This is gonna be epic ! I’ve got so many free titles from PS Plus to play ^^

  8. Crash Bandicoot on this would be immense.

  9. Only PS1 classic i have is the original Driver would be great to go through it again on the Vita.

  10. Just 3 PS1 games would make my day….
    Metal gear solid
    Tomb raider
    Resident evil
    Come on Sony, get yer finger out!

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