What We Played #50

Welcome to WWP’s Golden Jubilee edition. Sort of, if weeks were years and sometimes it does feel like I’ve been writing these for a lifetime. We don’t have any celebrations planned and can’t offer you an extra bank holiday but at least Tuffcub’s been enjoying some golden gaming courtesy of the PS Vita’s Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

After struggling “for weeks” to find out how to “get the rubbing off the last fecking statue” his fingers finally made their way to the YouTube’s search box. His fingers have also been doing the walking across his PS Vita’s screen while he plays Treasures of Montezuma Blitz.


I think the developers have made a bit of a cock up here. Each day you get a number of ‘lives’ to play the game, run out of lives and you have to buy some more using real cash. The thing is, the Vita is a portable experience so most people will only play the game for a few minutes – I play it for the 15 minutes I’m on the tube and there is just enough lives to last the journey, as a result, I’m never going to give Alawar any cash.

[drop2]Many of you will be aware of the cause of the ‘fun’ Alex has been having this past week. “I’ve been playing ‘trying to keep the server alive’. On holiday. 1/10.” The mere fact you’re reading this though means he’s platinumed the game though he’s likely not hoping for a sequel.

Chris hasn’t been indulging in any PS3-hosted gaming either with his speed bump-profiles box relegated to streaming duties. His disillusionment with console gaming, which at times it is hard not to share, is still leaving him looking elsewhere for his gaming kicks.

This week saw me fire up the charming and utterly amazing 8-bit Night. A retro-styled platformer in which you flip the level along its x or y axis to reach previously inaccessible areas and to avoid the bad guys. If you’re a Windows user you can grab the 8-bit Night demo from Desura along with the full game for only £2.99, which is an absolute bargain.

Probably still recovering from his Free-2-Play efforts Jim’s also been playing comparatively little this week. He’s dabbled with Dead Island and had a run around in Uncharted 3’s multiplayer. Yet tugging him away from his console is the nominally Free-2-Play Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes.

To his surprise, especially as he’s “always despised Player vs Player encounters in MMOs”, he keeps sinking around an hour a day into playing a game which consists of nothing other than PvP gaming. “I even plan to throw the odd tenner at it every few weeks”, which must surely be the best recommendation that you should give the game a try if you can and haven’t.

My own gaming has been a scant hour or two of Skyrim, surely you’ve all found time to do better than that?



  1. PAYDAY meet last night which was good fun especially online with TSA’ers.
    Also had a spontaneous game of BF3 last night with a few TSA’ers and reached level 4. Yes 4.
    Also been playing some Hustle Kings now and again.
    RE:Revelations came yesterday so played a little bit of that. Safe to say its awesome.

  2. Trials evolution for me.
    one of the most fun, but also most bloody infuriating, games ever.

    the later levels get bloody hard, and the faster bikes you need for those levels are real bloody twitchy, you need a real delicate touch on the controls.
    unfortunately i tend to be a bit heavy handed.
    but some of the user levels are great fun.

    i can’t figure out those bleedin golf levels though, you have to finish the level to be able to rate it so they obviously can be finished, i just have no clue how.

    there’s a great portal level, it’s in the Redlynx pick.

    there are a few haunted house style levels that are played in first person, you don’t seem to be able to do much but walk around and trigger door that open when you walk in a certain area.
    oh and jump.

    there’s a couple of first person bike levels, but they’re tricky to play.

    and i’m still plugging away at Xenoblade.

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