Modern Warfare 3 Collection #1 Dated For PC

Infinity Ward has confirmed that the Modern Warfare 3 DLC Content Collection #1 will release May 8th for PC.

The Collection, which launched in March for Xbox Live & April for PS3, will contain the maps Overwatch, Liberation, Black Box & Piazza, as well as two Spec Ops missions, Black Ice & Negotiator.

Though an official price has not yet been announced it will probably be similar to the prices on PS3, which are £11.49/$14.99/€14.49.

Source: Twitter



  1. funnily enough even though ive got a wiiiiiide circle of PC mates i know no-one who owns MW3.

    • Me too actually dude, they utterly refuse to pay for the game. Funnily enough a fair few play CoD 1+2 though.

  2. Over 4 months after XBOX has already had theirs?? Not a chance in hell i’m forking out for these maps and tbh i won’t be buying any more CoDs with the way they have treated their PC community.

    • seems we are major companies whipping boys at present, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Crytek and now even Maxis are intent on treating us all like pirates and then they whinge about falling sales.

      Well sod them, as long as we have the utterly vibrant indie scene and devs such as CD Projekt Red we`ll still be alive and kicking.

      • Yip i’m with you on that m8, kinda ticks me off when these devs continually spout off about PC gamers pirating their products when games like Portal 2, Skyrim and Alan Wake have easily made back the development costs’s.

  3. MW3 is by far the WORST cod game that has been bought out and this Elite crap is a load of sh** as well.

    I am interested in BO2 though as Treyarch do at least try to innovate to “an extent”.

    • “Modern Warfare 3 Collection #1 Dated For PC.”
      Are you lost?

    • huh? i’d say his comment was somewhat relevant.

      • Ahh the first 3 characters, i take it back.

  4. Puts the moaning of ps3 dlc timing in an even worse light. Good dlc, you’ll enjoy it.

  5. it’ll be interesting to see the sales figures, i can’t see why anyone would still pay out for this at that price.

    • They did it with MW2 and they did it with black ops. Pretty sure alot of the cod players will pay for it.

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