Pre-Halo 4 Web Series Could Usher in a New Movie Attempt

Variety isn’t your usual source of videogame news. Today, though, the movie industry’s most famous periodical is spilling some details on a project that might just lead to something huge numbers of videogame fans have been crying out for since the days when SixAxis wouldn’t work with DualShock – a Halo movie.

Variety says that Microsoft are going to run a webseries of five short films set in the expansive Halo universe as a method of generating some extra hype in the run up to Halo 4’s November 6th worldwide release. The shorts will appear first on Halo Waypoint and Machinima before promptly being ripped and appearing on a thousand YouTube channels within about twenty minutes. That’s nothing out of the ordinary, live action shorts are becoming a thing in modern videogame marketing and Halo has traditionally done that thing very well indeed.


What is perhaps more interesting though, is the inference that Variety makes of a potential rejuvenation for the Halo movie project. Variety says “Microsoft considers the Web series ‘the next step’ for the franchise as an entertainment property” and adds that the series of shorts, entitled Forward Unto Dawn, “could eventually lead to a theatrical feature — after the plug on one was pulled by Universal and Fox… in 2005”

Apparently, the webseries will follow the story of a young recruit who has been inspired by Master Chief. More details are being held back for Comic-Con in San Diego this July.

Source: Variety, via VG247



  1. Was looking forward to this when halo 3 was releasd .not anymore.

  2. I remember sitting with my dad after our first play through of Halo and discussing the fact that it might actually make a fairly decent space opera as it seemed fairly intelligent, well paced and scripted and drew from good sci-fi sources.

    Then Halo 2 came out with all its and disavowed me of any such notion – ahh well. Fun to play, but not good source material for the silver screen though.

  3. I’d be surprised if it leads into a theatrical release. I’d love it to, but it just doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. Also they’d probably take the story from the main trilogy and I’m not sure how well that’d play as a film. Of course if the vague rumours about them adapting The Fall of Reach are true that’d be excellent, a far more cinematic option.

    • Oh oh or they could do something with Grey Team, that’d be excellent. Probably not adapting The Cole Protocol (that is not a good book), but the team are great. I mean it wouldn’t make much sense without the context of other Halo movies, but fuck it; a movie about black-ops super soldiers engaging in guerilla warfare behind enemies lines IN SPACE?! That sounds great.

      • I think ODST would be pretty interesting, as well as Grey Team or maybe even Ghosts of Onyx.

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