Riot Details LoL’s New Spectator Mode

Insanely popular MOBA, League of Legends, is due for a pretty hefty update soon. Aside from various in-game tweaks and persistent character balancing, the latest patch will also usher in the much-anticipated “Spectator Mode.”

Though not entirely useful for everyone zipping in and out of the LoL servers, this latest addition from Riot Games will be an absolute blessing for those looking to carve their way into the e-sports hall of fame. However, for the more casual players, it can still be used as a valuable learning guide with the game’s most high profile matches being featured after logging in. For a more in-depth look, take a butcher’s at the following preview:

Source: League of Legends


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  1. Lol’s spectator mode is lol (I mean in a good way)

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