Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Revealed

SEGA’s last diversion into Things That Aren’t Crappy Sonic Games worked nicely – the recent-ish karting game was a blast, even on the OMG NO BUTTONS iPhone version.


But now there’s another, pulling once again from the Mario Kart ethos, but grabbing bits of the 3DS version too with flying and – yes – water bits.

Uncanny.  Although apparently the Sumo-devved racer was well in development before Mario started bubbling under the seas.

Anyway, IGN appear to have the exclusive (thanks for the heads up, SEGA) so check there for screens – they’re suitably impressive.

The roster looks great (hi, Vyse) and although IGN’s claim of a “robust and convincing physics model” need to be witnessed first hand I’m all over this one – it looks right up my street.

Oh, and Richard Jacques is involved.  Sold.



  1. I didn’t really like the previous one, far too much rubber banding imo. There is little more annoying than losing an otherwise perfectly driven race just because of one lucky shot with a stupidly OTT powerup right at the end. Sadly MarioKart has this too.

  2. the iOS version of the last game is superb and great value for money. This looks good too, but I wouldn’t buy on console if they intend to release on iOS.

    • I got it for free on the iOS but I guess you could say I was spoiled with the PS3 version, I’d love to see a new version with the same kind of design of the big version on any iDevice.

  3. Never been a big Sega fan but this, with it’s three modes of transport, looks like it could be fun.

  4. I keep hearing its only for Wii – I hope not I LOVED the ps3 original! Still on my way to platinuming it

  5. @Sitorimon nope, for PS3 and Vita too.

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