December’s EU PlayStation Plus Content Now Live

December’s PlayStation Plus freebies have gone live on the PSN webs tore, ahead of this afternoon’s storewide update.

You can click the handy links below to sign in and add the games to your download queue right now, including the first batch of gratis PlayStation 4 goodies.


PS Vita:
Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing: Transformed – Was £34.99
Guacamelee! – Was £9.99
GTA: Liberty City Stories (PSP) – Was £11.99

Grid 2 – Was £47.99
Guacamelee! – Was £9.99

Resogun – Normal price: £12.79
Contrast – Normal price: £12.79

Be sure to check back in to TSA later for a full roundup of todays PSN update, including new additions, DLC and price reductions.



  1. Add, add, add…

    Also grabbing Flower for Vita, which is cross-buy, so free for me :D

  2. Now all I need is a PS4…and some money for a PS4.

    • As I’ll be trading in my PS3 and bits and bobs I’m having to wait until Netflix, Lovefilm, NowTV and most importantly DLNA support appears or I’ll have nothing to stream media to my telly. Oh and the rest of the money!

  3. Resogun for me. Resubscribed yesterday. Can’t wait until Friday!

  4. Resogun still tries to charge me if i follow the link above but when i did a search it showed up properly for free.
    Nice selection of games this month!

  5. Download Guacamelee people, it’s amazing! I may try Flower on Vita (and PS4).

  6. I just put them all on my basket and clicked purchase and Iv just been charged £47.99!!!!! for GRID 2. WTF. Has this happened to anyone else before!

    • Yikes, that’s not good to hear!

      Grid was showing at £47.99 for me earlier, then became free. I’m presuming you must have grabbed it before the store-front had completely updated? Get on to Sony and explain, I’m sure they’ll sort you out.

      • They are sorting it as we speak. Hopefully get the money back in my account by tomorrow!

    • I almost got caught by Sonic racing for vita. It said Free, but went into basket as €39.99. Stopped just in time.

      Don’t think all the store updates at once.

      • Yer same thing happend to me but i clicked through too quickly. It was all in the ps+ section and it said free. I called them apparently its happened to a few people already. Should get it sorted soon! i need that money for the ps4!!! lol

  7. Gucamelee! can’t wait to try that!

    Roll on Friday – Amen :D

  8. Sweet. Cheers the heads up. Resogun should now be in my download queue.

  9. Resogun added to downloads, just waiting for something to download it to.

  10. nice, a couple of games i probably wouldn’t have got round to buying, so i don’t have them, and one game i had but couldn’t enjoy because of that awful PSP nub.
    maybe it’ll play better on Vita.

    Grid 2, bit meh, but i haven’t got it, and if it has those demolition derby type modes, i’ll try those.

    eventually i’ll be able to play Resogun, who knows when though, and i could potentially play Contrast earlier as it’s also on PS3.

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