Minecraft Creator Notch Speaks Out On EA’s “Indie” Bundle

Markus Persson, with over 650,000 followers, has spoken out on Twitter about EA’s recent ‘indie’ bundle offer.

“EA releases an “indie bundle”? That’s not how that works, EA,” he said. “Stop attempting to ruin everything, you bunch of cynical bastards.”


“Indies are saving gaming. EA is methodically destroying it,” he added.

The bundle released yesterday on Steam, and consists of Deathspank, Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue, Gatling Gears, Shank, Shank 2 and Warp, for just £14.38.

“The games in the bundle are good,” he later added, “I’m not questioning them. I’m questioning EA.”



  1. i knew i liked that guy.

  2. Oh fuck off Notch, getting tired of you being the God Of Everything ever. Fuck right off along with your Lego rip off.

    • You forgot to say “[/trollface]”

    • I agree Tuffcub. I liked death spank and this bundle looks like great value for money just a shame its not on psn. As for Murkus he sold his soul to microsoft by bringing minecraft exclusively to XBLA…. WANKER!

      • that’s the one problem i have with notch.
        all these exclusive deals he’s kept signing.
        first for the experia play, then for xbla.

      • Minecraft is available on every compatible Android phone and I think I saw it in the iTunes App Store.

      • So?

        Play it on the PC.

      • it was exclusive to the experia at first.
        and it looks like it’s going to stay exclusive to the xbox for the foreseeable future.

        and i have the pc version, had it for months and i’ve never regretted buying it.

    • Thank you.

    • thats some Joystiq level trolling there ;).

    • Best comment ever! Tried Minecraft on my PC, load of blocky looking shit!

  3. I love Notch. I don’t think this bundle is a negative thing, though. It’s just an incorrect use of the term ‘indie’.

    • Agreed & as i mentioned on another article about this (this is like the third or fourth one right?), people know that EA are not an indie & therefore won’t be fooled by the title. They won’t be taking any sales away from any indies with this.

      Why they didn’t just call it ‘value bundle’ or something more intelligent is still beyond me though.

    • i agree although love may be a bit strong, i respect him for his stance on gaming and the brilliance of Minecraft.
      Its just that the term Indie is so beloved in gaming terms that it caused a wonderful storm of anger across the internet when EA did this.
      After all if it wasnt for indie developers then gems such as Terraria, MC, Project Zomboid, Towns, Zigfrak and the upcoming Castle Story would never have existed.
      Its as if by taking the magic out of the word they can attempt to own part of the phenomenon.

  4. So, EA are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

    Some of these games are really cool and the developers deserve to be rewarded.

    But, wait, EA are a big faceless company that just wants your money and hates games and gamers. Right?

    Why can’t we just focus on the fact that a publisher is promoting games and people are going to maybe play these games and enjoy them because of this promotion.

    I thought gaming was supposed to be about people having fun. Does everything have to be negative -all- the time?

    • Instead of focusing on any single thing they do, why don’t we take everything they do into consideration?

      • I’m not sure I understand your question/point.

        If you’re saying “why focus on the small things and take what EA as a company do as a whole” then I think you’ll find they – for the most part – have their hand in helping get a lot of great games made.

        Sorry … once again, I’m not sure if you’re agreeing with me or not :)

      • ‘Why can’t we just focus on the fact that a publisher is promoting games and people are going to maybe play these games and enjoy them because of this promotion.’

        That threw me off, I meant we shouldn’t focus on any specific thing they do and take them as a whole. As a whole, yes, they often publish great games, but it doesn’t at all excuse their horrendous business practises.

    • All they’re doing is seeing the Humble Bundle movement (which gives money directly to the developers and their chosen charities) is gaining traction and they’re trying to cash-in like the shameless whores they are, forgetting that Humble Bundle works because people like buying games an knowing exactly how much goes to each developer.

      In things like the Humble Bundle you choose what you want to pay & how much of that goes directly to each developer… for all we know EA get 99.9% of this.

      And for all the people calling Notch, he also pointed out that Mojang isn’t indie, presumably thanks to the wealth of deals which have helped Minecraft expand, so it’s not like he’s he playing a holier than thou card, although people just read what they want to read.

      • there a business trying to make money. obviously with the financial situation of most of the western world there having to take lest risks with new titles and and try sell more older titles new (online passes and this bundle). its hard to find the correct profit figures due to the nature of gaap accounting but clearly there feeling it a little bit for the reasons above. there no worse then any big publisher or any big company for that matter, if you gave any of them a chance to make extra money then there’ll take it. the idea of any game made is to make as much money out of you as it can(maybe not always but anything remotely big will be). the worlds a better place with EA, they employ tens of thousends of people, publish games from small “indie” developers and produce some of the finest games ever made.

        like a few others have said, indie has become a genre and a few of this bundle (possibly all) were indie games once.

      • Yes, it’s hard to know how much EA make or lose, because of the creative accounting that surrounds creative industries, but there’s obviously big money in it all somewhere along the line else they wouldn’t do it or at least wouldn’t be as big as they are.

        The world is a better places with EA? Really? It’s a videogame company, they’re not giving away malaria & aids vaccines through the undeveloped world or sheltering street children.

        Yes, they employ many thousands of people, but those people could just as easily be employed in either own indie companies or in the kind of smaller studios they were before EA bought them all out.

        Who knows, there could be many thousands more employed if EA hadn’t shut studios down after buying them or just through there being more room in the market without these kind of dominant players that develop and publish taking a bite of the cherry at all levels.

        Indie is not a genre, it’s a way of business & a philosophy which is why the Humble Bundle approach has thrived.

      • “Yes, they employ many thousands of people, but those people could just as easily be employed in either own indie companies or in the kind of smaller studios they were before EA bought them all out.”

        Oooookay, but… no-one forced them to sell. They saw the money, and took it.

        You can criticise EA & co. all you like, but at the end of the day, they’re all in the business to make money, even the indies.

        Who’s the bigger whore – the person offering the money, or the person who willingly throws their supposed ideals aside and takes it?

      • “Indie is not a genre, it’s a way of business & a philosophy”
        Whether you regard it as a genre or not depends on your interpretation of the word.
        I wouldn’t say it’s a way of business, assuming you mean a way of doing business, but a type of business. Neither is it a philosophy, a developer doesn’t sit down and discuss whether they are going to design an indie game. That the developer is independent of any of the major players in the industry means that the game they have produced is indie. Even if they are published by a larger company that doesn’t then make them not independent, as they are still not a part of that larger company but an independent studio that have used the larger companies expertise to distribute their game.

  5. These games definitely have an indie vibe but that doesn’t make them indie games. Like someone already said, indie seems to be a new genre, no matter how “indie” the game actually is.

    • While EA seems to be trying to systematically upset gamers lately, Deathspank at least is an Indie game really, it was made by Hothead games, who then managed to get EA as a publisher. It’s like saying that Minecraft wouldn’t be an Indie game if it got released by Microsoft or Sony, oh wait…

  6. EA voted worst (or most hated, can’t remember) company in the US, the Black Ops 2 comments was petty, and now they’re upsetting the indie market – go EA! Lol

    Shank and Gatling Gears are fantastic games though ;)

    • The “Worst Company To Work For” was due to people trolling because of the ME3 ending and some other things people don’t like EA about.

      The Black Ops II comments WAS petty but, as I think someone already said, it’s par for the course. Your competitor does something, it’s simple marketing tactics to mention yourself in the same sentence so people “connect” your product with your (hugely successful) competitor’s. I saw a guy from EA DICE sniping at the Black Ops II trailer this morning because they apparently are using “sub-par eye shaders.” Okaaaay!

      As for this? In my mind the term “indie” is subjective. I wouldn’t have really called this EA bundle “indie” but, as a lot of people have said on Twitter already about Notch’s comments, if your definition of “indie” means self-published, you’re in a big surprise if you think a lot of your favourite “indie games” are from that model. Publishers serve their purpose in getting a lot of different games of different sizes to market.

      • Sure mate, I was only messin’ – it just seems like everytime EA are mentioned at the moment its negative towards them. I guess it makes a change from people hating on CoD. I don’t like Twitter/Facebook for these kinds of reasons – they promote bitching and arguements that people wouldn’t generally have the bottle to say to someone’s face, they hide behind it. Anyway, I ignore it – I buy games that I like, doesn’t matter who made it. I hope and beleive if something is good it will get what it deserves, be it from a small or large developer. If I support an indie developer in the process of buying my games, then that’s a bonus! You can’t really hate a company like EA since they’ve got successful due to us buying their games, so they must have done something right.

  7. “I don’t like Twitter/Facebook for these kinds of reasons – they promote bitching and arguements that people wouldn’t generally have the bottle to say to someone’s face, they hide behind it.”

    Welcome to the internet. :P

    • Indeed ;)

      Don’t get me started on facebook, it just encourages people to be nosey. And post pointless crap like “Oh, look at me, I do cool things like have coffee at Starbucks, even though its overpriced, I’m so pretentious”. 10 people like this, WTF?!?

      • That’s why I refuse to join Facebook. I don’t need it and I’m not an attention whore who posts stuff for likes. Twitter on the other hand can be used more efficiently. Of course you have people who post about everything but you don’t have to follow them. I use it as a news source on people and topics that I’m interested in. Works just fine.

      • Yeah, I can see why Twitter would be more useful then

  8. Compete over exaggeration. They are games developed independently from EA. Indie music hasn’t been independent for a couple of decades. If you don’t like how EA define Indie then don’t buy it but all this over the top moaning is getting really tired.

    It’s good to see, for once, big publishers highlighting small developers rather than their constant focus on dull run of the mill shooters.

  9. Just like in music, “indie” has become a genre.
    I’m sure Notch is a lovely guy but he does come across as a miserable, whining arsehole at times. Your shit doesn’t smell of roses, mate…otherwise Minecraft for consoles wouldn’t be exclusive to Xbox.

  10. Hes acting as though EA are the 1st company to missuse the word “indie”. An entire music genre was mislabled as Indie. Get angry about that.

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