Tecmo KOEI Profits Up By 69.3%

Tecmo KOEI, the firm behind popular franchises such as Dynasty Warriors and Ninja Gaiden, has posted a 69.3% increase in net earnings from the previous fiscal year. The figures come via an earnings statement issued earlier today, Tecmo KOEI also revealing a 10.7% increase in sales.


The success was largely attributed to strong sales for a number of titles including Warriors Orochi 3, Samurai Warriors 3 Empires (yet to be localized) and Ninja Gaiden 3, the latter pushing hard at 630,000 units despite a mixed reception at launch.

The company also announced its acquisition of developer Gust, the studio behind last year’s Atelier Totori, a surprisingly fresh take on the turn-based RPG genre. Tecmo KOEI will use its new subsidiary to expand its online/mobile portfolio. The report also mentioned an interest in more collaborations (such as the One Piece/Warriors crossover) as well as interest in consoles launches.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and Dynasty Warriors NEXT were both Vita launch titles that scored well. Hopefully TK will be even more unique and inventive with its approach to newer hardware down the line, most notably the Wii U.

Source: Andriasang



  1. Dynasty Warriors as gotten better recently, the Gundam spin-offs were excellent so I hope a 4th game could be looked at.

  2. does this mean a DW launch title for PS4?

    I still need to finish DW7

    • Wouldn’t surprise me. Tecmo KOEI has been really active on console launches recently (which could be a reason for F2012’s profits.)

  3. Glad someone is doing well.

    • Exactly. With all the doom and gloom about it is good to see that atleast someone is doing well out there

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