CCP Launch Balloon Into Space – Live Feed

This is nothing more than a massive publicity stunt from CCP but it is rather exciting.

The team behind EVE online and forthcoming PlayStation shooter, Dust 514, has launched a balloon carrying a replica EVE pod which contains the names of all their active players.


There is a rather spectacular live feed which you can view below, cool huh?


Source: CCP



  1. CCP are awesome!

  2. Exciting *watches

  3. this is an AWESOME publicity stunt!!

  4. Sigh, can’t see it.

  5. It’s kinda cool i guess, but it feels like its cool for the sake of being cool.

    I’m not actually sure of the point to be honest!

    • None whatsoever apart from being cool.

      • Fair enough then i suppose! :)

    • it gets people talking about the game.

  6. CCP launches balloon into space, hits CCCP satellite. /gets coat

    • What was the CCCP satellite doing with a coat? :P

      • It’s cold out there and Communists can’t afford central heating.

      • in communist russia cold catches you. ^_^

  7. aww, not working for me. :(

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