Gran Turismo 5 To Get Twin Ring Motegi

It looks like Gran Turismo 5 will play host to the famous Twin Ring Motegi track as part of the recent GT Academy competition.

First picked up by Playfront, it seems that a promotion image of the track appeared in amongst the existing GT5 tracks so far used.

Since then, a screen surfaced on SCEA’s press site, confirming the deal. GTPlanet then listed the tracks to be used at each stage of the competition:

Round 1: Autodromo Nazionale Monza
Round 1: High Speed Ring
Round 2: Rome
Round 2: Special Stage Route X
Round 3: Cape Ring
Round 3: Circuito de Madrid
Round 4: Eiger Nordwand Short Track
Round 4: Road Course – Indy
Round 5: Suzuka Circuit
Round 5: Tokyo R246
Round 6: Eiger Nordwand Short Track
Round 6: The Top Gear Test Track
Round 7: London
Round 7: Special Stage Route 5
Round 8: Circuit de la Sarthe 2009
Round 8: Twin Ring Motegi East Short Course

The names and round numbers were established from file names, but it’s hard to imagine there’s any errors in that list.

Via GTPlanet.


  1. Say what…?! Very random. It was in GT4, but fully expected the DLC to have finished for GT5 by now. This however does not mean GT5 will get the track, please bear in mind that GT Academy is a stand alone download separate to GT5.

  2. Dont really remember the track from the pic but looking forward to trying it out. Hopefully it is for GT5 as well as Academy but I cant see they would go to the effort of modelling a new track just for the academy.

    • Special stage X is new and playable now. Maybe that and the Twin Ring are lighten straight from GT4 or 3? Or maybe they’re works in progress from GT6, ooooh!

      • Special Stage X is already in GT5, was released as paid DLC a few months back.

  3. That list is missing Tokyo R246 from stage 2 – so what else might be missing?

  4. Remember the track well, they liked using it for license tests in previous GT’s. Hope it makes it to GT5, it has some great chicanes and sweeping turns!

  5. Surprised Laguna Seca isn’t in that list or even Spa. Or maybe I’m losing the plot? I am

  6. Will you need to install Academy dload before it goes offline, or will this be in a patch? I only ask as I haven’t dloaded, in the interest of saving hdd space.

    • FAIL! I know, I know, these are the intial tracks on the game. 8Ball, TSAs’ biggest GT player. My face is gradually returning to its original colour:)

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