N.O.V.A. 3 Releases Tomorrow, Is Quite Big


We tried to get N.O.V.A 3 downloaded yesterday for a quick hands-on today, but it wasn’t to be – the New iPad reported being out of room, despite having 2.6GB left in the tank.


That says the game’s pretty big.

If you’ve got the room, this great looking first person shooter is available on iOS tomorrow, and despite obvious cues from Halo 3 it’s apparently Gameloft’s most ambitious title yet.



  1. And the controls will suck. Why not release it for psvita too?

    • Because PsVita as a system is limited to quality games.

      • at the minute it’s limited to no games!

        quite enjoying my 200 quid paperweight…

  2. Oddly, the trailer made me want to never play a futuristic FPS ever again, ever. Maybe it was the music.

  3. Graphics look good, but otherwise it seems generic. With such a large file-size it kind of seems too big for the mobile market, taking up a lot of space on your device and a long time to download.
    Seems more fitting as a PSV/3DS game, but I’m not expecting it to be very good, so I don’t mind missing out. It’ll be Resistance for me.

    • The other two NOVA games were great, IMO. This looks well beyond what we’ve seen elsewhere.

  4. might look at a demo, but wouldn’t buy this straight off, especially if its that big.

  5. Have Gameloft created an original IP?

    • Are you suggesting that they might be even capable to?

  6. Wow, the game does look fantastic though.

    This is a good looking game full stop, never mind good looking for a mobile game

  7. Wow, the music started off quite well, and then made my ears bleed after 20-odd seconds. Could have been much better.

    Oh, game looks alright. ;)

  8. Once again it looks incredibly generic. I have to hand it to Gameloft, they are ironically stupendous when it comes to creating genericness.

  9. Wow they just ripped off Crysis 2!

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