SEGA Skipping Gamescom This Year

SEGA has said to that it won’t be attending Gamescom this year.

The reason? Its games line-up for this year won’t benefit from a presence, the pubisher said. “Sega has made the decision not to attend Gamescom this year,” said a spokesperson.


“Gamescom 2011 was a very successful show for us and continues to be the most important European event in the calendar. Unfortunately the release timing of our 2012 AAA titles and new projects don’t work with the mid-August scheduling of the show.”

“The decision will not mean that Sega will never attend Gamescom in the future, this was simply a commercial decision made for 2012.”



  1. Odd. Aliens: Colonial Marines is a big release due shortly after gamescom, you’d think they’d be there to promote that if nothing else.

    • I think the point is that they only have that to promote and nothing else

      • Unless that’s in some trouble too…

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