Sony Makes All Uncharted 2 DLC Free

As part of the US PSN Store update, Sony has made all the Uncharted 2 DLC completely free.

This includes the Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack (previously $2.99), the Golden Gun Pack (previously $0.99), the PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack (previously $2.49), the Sidekicks Skin Pack (previously $1.49) and the Siege Expansion Pack (previously $2.99).


In a move that’s to be applauded, it’s nice to see older games getting a little bit of a boost like this, especially given that Among Thieves was great fun online.

If you’ve got the game but not the DLC (and, of course, you’re in the States) why not give it another go, presumably there’ll be a fair few people back online again just now.

There’s currently no word on whether the same offer will be happening in the EU Update, along with the PixelJunk deal that sees most of the studio’s wonderful PS3 games down to just a dollar.

And I’m not going to ask.



  1. Good stuff SCEA

    I bought a couple of DLC maps for Uncharted2 but despite me selecting DLC in multiplayer settings they never showed up for me in the rotations. Ended up trading the game as it took 5-10mins to download all the ‘live updates’ every time I went to play it & frequently another 5 mins to find a lobby.

    Shame, because it was great when you finally got in.

    • Yeah, the DLC matchmaking was broken.

  2. Nice move for those who play Uncharted 2. Sony really tries to breathe life into their titles lately, KZ3 MP and now this.

  3. nice of them to do that.

    • Unless you’ve already bought them.

      • I didn’t ^^ but what’s the point everyone is on Uncharted 3 right?

  4. Never purchased UC2 dlc as Chimera skins etc & long initial connection put me of mp, but for free i’d at least give them a try.

    • Free and i would hit the game again.

  5. Are they crazy or something? Think of all the potential revenue they would lose!

    Sarcasm aside, excellent move. I will definitely check out the game, although to my memory I bought both map packs :3

  6. Watch those Lovefilm requests increase!!!!

  7. Cool move by Sony there :)
    That said I can’t imagine this will encourage many people to go back to Uncharted2. As sucky as ‘Charted3 was from a single player perspective, it’s multiplayer suite was far more polished than that seen in part2.

    • To be fair, it needed to be.

      Like you say though, i can’t see this dragging me back to UC2. Still have’t gotten any further in UC3 either actually…

  8. nice idea, they’re not likely to get many people buying the dlc now, but it might get people back into the series and buying for the third game.

    just have to wait and see if it reaches the eu store.

    i’ll prepare an scee are crap rant, you know, just in case. ^_^

    • You mean you don’t have one ready prepared by now??

      I for one am disappointed. :)

      • they’re usually pretty spontaneous.
        honest. >_>

  9. I never got any of the DLC for Uncharted 2 so PLEASE SCEE bring it to us as well!

  10. ‘FREE’ is the magic number. . . er erm LoL:D

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