Starhawk Retail Only, Dylan Jobe Confirms

Well, that’s one way to feel a bit stupid.

Despite being told earlier today that Starhawk was coming to the PSN Store this week, Lightbox Interactive’s Dylan Jobe has told TheSixthAxis that this isn’t the case.


“I can confirm Starhawk is retail-only right now but we might release a downloadable version in the future,” he said over Twitter.

We’ve pinged SCEE again this evening for clarification – we’re assuming there’s been some kind of mix-up somewhere – but aren’t expecting to hear back until the morning.



  1. Damn!

    Really disappointed about that.
    I’m now going to have get it up to switch discs hundreds and hundreds of times over the next few years.

    Really, really wanted this digitally.

    • Ditto! and I was hoping for £19.99. Looks like are taking orders at £38, released on 11th.

      • Sorry. No idea what’s going on. =(

      • Why would a brand new game be £19.99? Its not even a budget release.

      • £19.99 are you crazy it is AAA game.

    • Yeah, makes all the sense.

  2. Silly, this was one game I would of bought digitally

  3. I would have bought this digitally too. Even might have paid a few quid over £40 for the pleasure. Though not ridiculously more.

  4. Ah, Sony, the master of communication mitakses.

  5. Oh. Well, i stick by my £39.99 prediction. I’m not giving up, dammit!

  6. u know i thought by now that all ps3 games would be too big too download. what happened to 50gb games

    • They get compressed.

      • Haha, yeah :)

        I’m willing to bet (actually, i’m not) that MGS4 still holds the record for biggest PS3 game in terms of file size.

        Prove me wrong.

    • 1) They mostly only take up 30-50Gb because of the PS3’s limitations meaning textures & other data has to be duplicated in many different areas of the disc, so if it wasn’t on Blu-ray you don’t need this duplicated data
      2) Blu-rays have the space so devs fill it because it’s there, why waste time with compression techniques that decompress on the fly like on the 360, if you have the space not to bother
      3) digital release with no duplicated data and then compressed would be considerably smaller file size

  7. Well that sucks!

  8. Warhawk was day one downloadable and in stores wasnt it? i dont remember anywhere here stocking it in disc form.

    • I believe it actually came out on PSN before instore – in the UK at least.

      It was supposed to be day and date, but the retail version was delayed at the last minute.

      • Yeah, Warhawk was a digital release.

  9. Does this really matter though? I mean, who would buy it at £59.99 from the PS Store?

    • I referenced you in my post up there ^^^^^

    • There would definitely be a few, there always are.

    • Me

      I’d stick hundreds of hours in

  10. I prefer boxed games. I’m a happy foxhound.

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