Survey Suggests People Don’t Really Care About The Wii U

Let’s face it, last year’s E3 showing of the new Wii was a disaster, and Nintendo have done little in the twelve months since then to try to explain what the system is or what it’s capable of.

And that slightly bizarre attitude from Nintendo has started to rub off on gamers, with a survey conducted by Dealnews claiming that 75% of gamers aren’t interested in the machine, from a total of over 1,500 people.


The survey also found that two thirds of current Wii owners aren’t interested in upgrading.

The system is supposed to be getting a fully detailed run-down at E3 this year, along with news on a launch game line-up and hopefully improvements to the hardware limitations (like only one main controller per unit at once) although Nintendo aren’t expected to commit to a price point.

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  1. As my ole Grandma used to say, “Never bet against the Nintendo.”

    • A wise statement indeed.

      People aren’t interested because, like the article said, nobody really ‘gets’ it yet. Nintendo have plenty of time to change people’s minds. Also, core gamers didn’t make the Wii the success it is.

      • But from what I’ve gathered, the Wii U is supposed to be marketed at “core” gamers, who apparently aren’t interested that much. Combined with the fact that the Wii U might be priced high enough to dissuade casual gamers, and Nintendo may have a problem.

        Of course, it’s too early to say whether the Wii U will be a success or a flop, and Nintendo does have a fair bit of time to fill the hype-meter. This may though still be an indication of possible obstacles for Nintendo.

      • Nintendo obviously want appeal to core gamers but the reality is that the Wii U’s entering this generation just as alll the core gamers are gearing up for next gen.

        I still think the Wii U’s aimed at casual gamers.

  2. It’s like Nintendo’s just been sat at it’s desk, procrastinating for most of the day then realizing it needs to promote the Wii U 5 minutes before the lunch break, and ends up getting nothing done. Or is that just me?

    • It’s launching in 6 months. E3 is gonna be big for Nintendo. In my opinion their biggest mistake was announcing it at last year’s E3. They had next to zero but also nothing really astounding on the Wii to show (admittedly they had more good stuff to show on the 3DS) so it was like “We could mention we’re working on a new Wii? Should we? Yeah? Screw it. We’ll wing it.”

  3. Tbh, I don’t think this really matters. Yes the hype has died down, but a strong showing at E3 showing a strong launch line-up with plenty of games and big franchises combined with some cringey adverts of the Redknapps will drum up the hype again.
    The main thing will be price I reckon; it will need to be low enough for ‘casual’ Wii gamers to see the need to upgrade, therefore it will be about price and the games that will be on offer.

    • Price and launch line up will be the deciding factor for people. Nintendo will push the Wii U during their E3 conference and then they have 6 month to convince people that the Wii U is a great thing. I’d say thats more than enough time.
      Sub 300€ price tag and Zelda on day one and I’ll probably pick one up for christmas…

      • IF they manage to rangle a GTA V simultaneous launch then I can see it flying off shelves. It all really depends on the modifications theyve made since last E3. Because I think we can all agree it wasnt very good. It needs a capacitive screen with multitouch and you need to be able to have more than one tablet controller.

  4. Haven’t really thought about the Wii U, in all honesty. It’s just there, standing in the middle of the room, while everyone else knows its there, but they just don’t care or interested. More to the point many of the multiplatform games on Wii u will be on 360 and PS3 , which may have a cheaper price tag when compared to the Wii u.

  5. Just put Nintendo in the title and I’ll buy it. Good games will come and my kids love Nintendo.

    Hype means nothing.

    • This might be what sells the Wii U. Families that already have a strong Nintendo presence (DS and Wii for example) and so have a fair amount of comfort with the brand.

      • Yep. By the bucket load, Wii, DS, DS Lite, DSi and a 3DS coming.

  6. I am actually interested in the Wii U so I hope Ninty have some big things in store plus a line-up that is 110% better than the 3DS attempt.

  7. I’m not interested now but that’s only because I don’t know enough. After a full showcase I’ll pass judgement.

  8. I’m not interested as Nintendo Wii U won’t be better than the PS3 and PS4 will be out soon.

  9. Sweeping generalisation warning!

    People who own Nintendo Wii and regularly play it are little kids, girls and grannies. They like it because they can stand in the room and swing their arms. It counts as exercise to them, even though realistically its very minimal.

    This demographic of people couldn’t give a flying fuck about graphic enhancements or a remote with a screen on it.

    Sweeping generalisation complete, however I believe its a fairly accurate one.

    • Slight correction:
      People who own Nintendo Wii and regularly play it are actual gamers, enjoying the wealth of JRPGs the system has to offer, as well as great games like Zelda Skyward Sword, the Metroid Prime collection and Mario Galaxy 2.
      People who own Nintendo Wii and hardly ever play it are little kids, girls and grannies who were coaxed in by Wii Sports and WiiFat and have since only bought a few games, most of which are mini-game collections with £15 price tags.

      You’re welcome :)

  10. The Wii U must be the least hyped new console for a very very long time. You wouldn’t think it will be released this year.

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